Square Enix Releases Trailer for New Just Cause 4 DLC

New DLC ‘Los Demonios’ Introduces Demonic Elements to Just Cause 4

You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to recognize that the second major Just Cause 4 DLC is going to involve demons. Los Demonios sets protagonist Rico Rodrigues against insectoid monsters that look like a mix of creatures from the Witcher and Halo franchises. To assist in kicking some neon bug ass, Rico gets a┬ábrand new demon decimating crossbow. Why a crossbow you may ask? Why not an automatic rifle drenched in holy water? I don’t know, but that’s a good question.

just cause 4 screen 3

The new update does more than merely add on a different storyline. During the day players enjoy a richer, more dynamic experience as light realistically bounces off plants and objects. It is easier to detect units during the dark of night, meaning that no longer will the brightness need to be up like you’re watching the Battle of Winterfell.

Additionally. the Black Hand is now a lot more capable in combat. There is an increase in patrols around the island and enemy vehicle units are much smarter. Jets can engage in dog fights, helicopters are more evasive, drones won’t crash as much and land vehicles will try to ram you off the road.

The Los Demonios update will also improve the open world as characters will be able to make more of a lasting impact on the environment. Black Hand statues are now destructible as well as the metal train bridges. This means players are now able to unleash horrible onslaught by sending trains barrelling into enemies or simply flying off the tracks.

For a more complete list of changes, you can go here.

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