New Final Fantasy 7 Patch Removes Annoying Bug

Final Fantasy 7 Xbox One and Switch Users Rejoice! But Not PS4 Players

An extremely annoying bug has been plaguing Final Fantasy 7. When entering combat sequences a small amount of overworld music would begin to loop. And it would not stop. Ever. The bug has been a problem in other Final Fantasy ports as well, such as the recent port of Final Fantasy 9 on Switch earlier this year. But no longer!

Final Fantasy 7

Square Enix has added a patch to Final Fantasy 7 that removes the bug. No longer will players be forced to not only survive the battle they face but also survive the relentless, exasperating noise.

PC and mobile versions have had to overcome similar situations. Bugs have been problems for several years now, although attention was first given to rectify the PC and mobile versions. While Xbox One and Switch users have now had their issues address, there is still no word on whether a similar patch will soon hit PS4.