Arx Fatalis is Getting an Amazing Remake Courtesy of Unreal Engine 4 and a Dedicated Fan

BlackcatGame Studios is the One-Man Operation Behind the Beautiful Remake

In 2002 Arkane Studios released its first project, an extremely ambitious open world game called Arx Fatalis. Despite positive reviews from critics, the game ultimately was a flop. As a result, fans of the game were unable to enjoy any sequels or additional content. Today, the game is very dated due to the slow rendering processing power and poor graphics. However, one fan has decided to take it upon themselves to remaster the game.

The game follows the main protagonist who hails from a world named Arx where the sun has failed. As a result, the different species on the planet dwell in subterranean caverns to survive. Throughout the plot, the players explore the different levels of one large cavern while attempting to stop the God of Destruction, Akbaa, from manifesting in Arx.

The video showing the progress of Blackcatgame Studio depicts the Human Kingdom village from the first level. The player is able to meander around the map, talk with NPCs and engage in combat against guards.

The project is attracting the attention of executives in the gaming industry. Notably, the co-founder of Arkane Studios, Raphael Colantonio, says in a tweet that the remastering is “mind blowing”. When someone who describes the project as “my baby” is impressed with the progress, then it usually is boding well for the future of the game. Of course, with a one-man studio, it is unlikely the game is every remastered completely.

Would you play a remastering of Arx Fatalis?