These 5 Super Sexy Cosplayers Were Our Most Viewed Cosplay Features of 2018

1.) Irina Meier

When we posted Irina’s cosplay, she nearly broke the site. She was the highest viewed cosplayer of 2018 and by a large margin. There is truly something special about Irina Meier’s cosplay. Many of her cosplay pieces do justice to their inspirations, but in some circumstances, she looks better than the source material. She is an amazing talent and is 100% smoking hot.

If you want to see Irina’s full feature, just click HERE.

2018 was a great year in cosplay and we thank you for giving all these talented cosplayers the attention they deserve. Be sure to check back with us every weekend as we share with you amazing cosplay from around the globe.

If there’s a cosplayer you’d like to see featured, be sure to leave a comment below or reach out to us on social media. And if you’re a cosplayer looking to get some exposure, let us know and maybe you’ll be featured in one of our upcoming cosplay pieces.