Step Aside Jessica Nigri, There is a New Curvy Sexy Queen of Cosplay in Town

Needless to say, it comes as no surprise Gabrielle is quickly¬†gaining a massive following. On her bio on Patreon she says: “Hello cosplay, anime, and video game lovers!! ¬†My name is Gabrielle Cooke, but you can call me Gabby! One of my strongest passions in life is making fictional characters come to life using cosplay! Cosplay or “Costume Play” is a very fulfilling activity that is both time consuming and costly! By doing cosplay I have been lucky enough to have grown a following who asks to see me create more content and I would be so honored to finally be able to follow through on these requests! With Patreon I hope to be able create more cosplay content for everyone and use this opportunity to get closer to you guys as well! :)”

Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay 7

Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay 8

Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay 9

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