Watch 1-Hour of Mass Effect Andromeda’s First Mission on PS4 Pro

60-Minutes With Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda is almost here! Yes boys and girls the massively anticipated game launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Origin for PC on March 21. Last week, we shared with you the launch trailer where players caught a glimpse of the new characters, races, worlds and threats Pathfinders Scott and Sarah Ryder will face as they journey to the Andromeda galaxy in search of Golden Worlds and a new home for humanity. Today, COG’s very own Paul Sullivan took the game for a spin and showcased the first hour of the game. Without further delay, sit back and enjoy:

We hope you enjoyed our footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda. We did experience some technical difficulties with the Elgato capture device; however, we hope this gives you a good idea what to expect next week.

Be sure to check back with us on Monday, March 20 @ 12:01am PT / 3:01am ET when the review embargo lifts.

Mass Effect Hero

Keep in mind this Mass Effect game was 5 years in the making, so we cannot wait to jump into a galaxy full of unknown worlds and unseen dangers. There is no question Andromeda is a huge game, so spend lots of time with your family this weekend because next week, you’ll be busy exploring the galaxy and getting to know the new cast of characters.