Check out Our Unboxing of the Sleek and Sexy New 2DS XL

Unboxing Nintendo’s New 2DS XL

Nintendo is known for its domination of the handheld video game, and it’s been at the top for many years. As seen with the development of the Switch through their home consoles, Nintendo has a way of experimenting with each generation of its handheld devices and making each step a learning experience. the 3DS gave us the first easy-to-use glasses-free 3D experience, but in taking its younger gamers into consideration they produced the 2DS, a similar handheld device that was more durable and wouldn’t risk harm to developing eyes. The 2DS was noticeably underpowered from its 3DS brother, and with the launch of The New 3DS XL, those who wanted handheld gaming without the 3D gimmick would have to suffer through a smaller screen and vastly inferior specs. That is until the recent launch of The New 2DS XL, a sleek and fantastic new model that bridges the gap and opens up new avenues for portable gaming fans. Check out our own Alex Everett’s unboxing video of the stellar new handheld.

The New 2DS XL is a very attractive model, not only for its new sleek appearance and its ability to go toe-to-toe with the New 3DS XL, but because the removed 3D feature gives gamers a significantly reduced price point, making this more affordable and letting you spend your money elsewhere – like getting a game for your slim, stylish, and sexy new handheld console.


The New 2DS XL is available now and retails for $149.99 USD.

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