Press X To Podcast: Episode 9 – F*** It, I’m Getting The Bottle

COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 9

It’s that time again! What time, you ask? it’s been a little over 160 hours since you last heard Paul Sullivan, Shawn Petraschuk, and Trevor Houston whisper sweet nothings about all things video games! Press X To Podcast is back once again and its time to tune in and see what the guys have in store for you, our happy and loyal listeners!

This week Shawn talks about playing Crackdown and what he hopes to see happen with Crackdown 3, Trevor went through his library and pulled out the classic horror piece Dead Space, and Paul got his hands on Into The Breach! The trio talks about what this year could hold for Xbox and whether or not this is their year, with the console leaning heavily on the success of the upcoming Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and the next entry into Forza. Shawn weighs in on time management of video games as the gang talks about this month’s free games on PS+ – Ratchet and Clank and Trevor’s favorite game, Bloodborne!

As the news rolls around, Paul, Shawn, and Trevor talk about the massive success of Monster Hunter World, Blizzard porting Diablo 3 to the Switch, ESRB adding a label for microtransactions and loot boxes, as well as one hell of a great question in this week’s emails about the supposed connection between video games and current events. With all that and a whole lot more, including a spectacular edition of Press X Perfect List, its time to tune in to Press X To Podcast: Episode 9 (Almost double digits!) – F*** It, I’m Getting The Bottle! Enjoy.

And with that, you’ll have to wait another week for the thoughts, opinions, and ramblings of Paul, Shawn, and Trevor. If you have any questions, comments, rants, or anything else you’d like to throw our way, be sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below. Not a big enough audience? Got some thoughts on what we talked about, or maybe questions about the upcoming Nintendo Direct? Send us an email at and we will read it live on the air.

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As always, be sure to head on over to our official subscription page so you can download the podcast on your favorite medium, and don’t forget Press X To Podcast also has an official Facebook group you can join to talk to the guys and fellow gamers about all things gaming. See you all next week!