Knack 2 Video Review – Becoming the Hero We Deserve One Relic at a Time

Knack 2 Video Review

It’s been a while since we had a memorable, mascot-centered platforming title in modern gaming. A few modest attempts have been made in recent years, but gamers seemingly have moved on to character creation heavy MMO’s or first person shooters, for the most part. There was once a time when video games were littered with mascots in an attempt to compete with Nintendo’s iconic lineup, with competing names like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Jersey Devil, Blasto, Gex the Gecko, Croc, and much more. So in 2013 alongside the launch of the all new PlayStation 4, Sony took a chance and released a brand new mascot in the form of Knack. Knack felt more like an extended tech-demo: it would show off the controls of the new console, how pretty it could be, and play around with Knack’s core system of using relics. Four years later and Knack has returned in a much-improved sequel that – while not without its flaws – is a stark improvement over the original and could breathe some much-needed life into the mascot platforming genre. Check out our Knack 2 video review of the game below.

Knack 2 features the titular Knack on his latest adventure. The short little construct will platform his way through portions of the stage as well as encounter combat similar to Sony’s also very notable exclusive title, God of War. As Knack destroys objects, more relics will be added to his body allowing him to grow in size and adding new elements to his platforming and puzzle solving, as he will be able to shed the additional relics and return to his diminutive stature at will. Knack 2 will also feature drop in couch co-op multiplayer with a blue Knack which adds more combat options.

Knack 2 Top Screen

Knack 2 has launched on September 5 in North America and is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4