What We Loved and Hated About the Detroit: Become Human Demo

Detroit: Become Human – 3 Things We Loved and 3 Things We Hated

During E3 2016 we were treated to some explosive announcements, particularly coming from the PlayStation camp. Among them was the reveal of Quantic Dreams mind-blowing “choose your own adventure” style game about what it means to be human. Detroit: Become Human is a title dripping with potential and fans were clawing for every bit of information, video, gameplay, anything we could get our hands on. With the release date for Detroit inches away, Quantic Dreams wanted to remind us why we craved this game so much during its announcement and released a short demo on the PSN to give fans a glimpse into what they would be doing. While this has made up many peoples minds come launch day, there were a few minor quirks worth mentioning that we feel ought to be addressed if it isn’t too late. Keep in mind in no way do we think this is a bad game and the demo might not be indicative of the exact experience we will have with the final product, but there is still room to improve. Here are three things we loved and three things we hated about the Detroit: Become Human demo.

Detroit: Become Human is a third person interactive story set in the future where androids nearly indistinguishable from humans are part of our every day lives. The game will follow three androids through an interweaving story and the choices made in one chapter will affect the next. Many authors over the years have tackled this very scenario on paper, asking what it is to be human or what makes someone a person. With everything from the Turing test to cult classic films like Blade Runner, the question of the humanity of a machine has always fascinated us and this time it looks like we can play it out in a big way.

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What did you think of our list? Did you get a chance to play the demo? What ending did you get? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below. Detroit: Become Human is set for release on May 25th and is exclusively for the PlayStation 4. For more information, check out the game’s official website.