7 Classic Nintendo Series That Belong On Switch

Classic Nintendo Series That Belong On Switch

We’ve got a treat for you. Not one but two great lists of classic games we’d love to see hit the Nintendo Switch. First, check out the video below where our Video Producer shares his personal picks for 7 classic Nintendo series across multiple generations he wants to play on the unique hybrid portable. Follow that up with a read of COGconnected writer Alex Everett’s epic list of 20 exclusive Gamecube games that should be in the Switch eShop.

Classic Nintendo Series

Nintendo Switch has been out over a month now and by most measures, it’s off to a great start having a very successful launch. One of the best console launches in Nintendo history to be exact. Fans were so eager to dive into The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that more copies of the game were sold than actual Switch consoles were available which is insane when you really think about it.

In our official Switch hardware review we said: “After what felt like ages speculating as to what Nintendo’s codename NX was, it feels almost surreal to finally hold what is undoubtedly their coolest piece of hardware yet. Nintendo Switch feels like a true step forward for consoles, maybe not when it comes to raw power, but certainly when it comes to re-thinking how, when and where we play our games. It’s true console gaming on the go in a way that’s never been done and I’m excited to say that core experience has mostly lived up to expectations.”

Are you enjoying your Switch? Let us know which of your favourite abandoned franchises you would love to see hit the Nintendo Switch!