Call of Duty WWII’s Most Visually Stunning Cutscene (Beware Spoilers)

Best Call of Duty WWII Cutscene

The Call of Duty franchise, like any other, has had its fair share of ups and downs. Regardless of your feelings on the series, Call of Duty has become a staple of video games even for those who don’t play them. It’s a household name that often times carries a weighted opinion based on the series previous controversies. The series began back in 2003, dropping players in the mud of WWII and has since revisited the setting four times, including its latest iteration and the 14th entry in the series: Call of Duty WWII.

While the series has been given a less than favorable stigma, it’s always been noted for its multiplayer aspect as opposed to the story it could tell. All of that changes with Activision’s latest shooter as players will truly understand the harsh reality of WWII, seeing just what kind of hell it really was.¬†With the game set for release this Friday, why not take a closer look at the games most visually stunning cutscene, depicting the true horrors of war and the camaraderie of the soldiers who fought for freedom.

**Beware Spoilers**

Call of Duty WWII is a return to form of gameplay mechanics and controls, making the game feel more authentic to the era in which its placed. Players will fight alongside the 1st Infantry Division along the Western Front, whereas multiplayer maps will take place in other areas of the war. Advanced movement techniques such as double jumping and wall running are removed, and health will need to be regenerated by the team medic as opposed to regenerating automatically. Players will also be able to dive for cover to get out of the way of enemy fire. Players will also be made to select from five Divisions for their classes, each with a wide variety of specialties to make squads more diverse.

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Call of Duty WWII launches Friday, November 3rd, and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information, check out the games official website.