5 Reasons Why God of War’s Epic Evolution Will Excel

5 Reasons Why God of War Will Thrive

While a number of PlayStation exclusive titles have been soaking up the spotlight in recent years (I’m looking at you, Uncharted) the buzzword among fans has always been Kratos; when would we get to see the legend return? When the announcement trailer for God of War dropped at E3 and he stepped forward from the shadows there was a universal boom of anticipation that drowned out whatever dialogue he spoke – Kratos could have said “boy, that shirt is lit, now head out the store and get me some doritos.” and no one would have heard it from the overwhelming elation at seeing his bearded visage on screen.

The days are slowly – and I do mean slowly – winding down until Kratos can finally return to the home console in the latest God of War entry, with the Greek demi-god of rage stepping into the world of the Norse. There are some who worry over the somewhat drastic changes this new entry approaches in respect to gameplay, but we here at COGconnected want to assure you of these 5 Reasons Why God of War Will Thrive:

God of War will see the return of Kratos, the demi-god of rage from Greek mythology, long after he has completed his task of destroying the Greek Pantheon. Kratos is now older, wiser, and – while by no means far less brutal – the trailers we have seen show him to be a more rounded person as opposed to the all out rage we know and love him for. Kratos sports Norse inspired garb, a full-length beard, and evidence of the ravages of time on his face. What exactly Kratos has in store for us, we don’t know, but it is guaranteed to be epic.

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God of War is set for release on April 20th, and will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4. For more information, check out the games official website.