The Wolf Among Us Ep 3 “A Crooked Mile” (Xbox 360) Review – Forget What You Thought You Knew

Reviewing episodic content is a funny thing… chances are that if you’re even glancing at this, you’ve already played episode one and two. Furthermore the last thing you want to do is spoil episode three. Further to that why would you read this if you already thought the game was good and not just play it for your damn self you lazy sod? Well, if your curiosity is getting the better of you I am here to assure you that episode three ‘A Crooked Mile’ is well worth your time to continue this Fables story.

Just like any good book the plot usually begins to pick up steam somewhere around the middle and that’s exactly what we have going on here. Everything you thought you knew is getting turned on its head and for lack of a better way to say it; the shit is hitting the fan.

Depending on which way you’ve decided to play the game you’re really starting to see where your actions have been taking you. I’ve played two distinct games so far, one where I choose the more caring and understanding Bigby versus another where the savage beast Bigby from days past solves problems in his own brutal way. As we make our way towards the climax you’ll know that we’ve established relationship with characters from the two previous episodes and they are starting to react accordingly to your presence.

As mentioned previously, if you’re reading this there’s a solid chance you’re already neck deep into the story but in case you aren’t here’s the friendly spoiler warning. Avert your eyes or forever hold your piece or something…

When episode two ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ wrapped up Bigby had stumbled upon some very incriminating photos of Ichabod Crane over the dead body of Lilith (the bartender Holly’s sister) who just so happened to be glamoured up as Snow White herself. Crane’s obsession with Snow White is obvious and sensing that Snow might be in danger Bigby pushes to keep her safe and out of harm’s way. This puts an obvious strain on an already tense relationship between the two and with Crane on the loose there’s really only one thing that this episode can be about… find Crane at all costs. Due to this you’ll find that you do more sleuthing and detective work than you have in previous entries in the series. The mystery has been set so now you’re working on solving it.

As you make your way through ‘A Crooked Mile’ you’ll be introduced to a few new characters to start fresh with. If, perhaps, you’re not liking the reception you’re getting from Grendel and the Woodsman these days it’s possibly your chance to start fresh and take a new path. I can’t say this for sure obviously as we never know where the story will go but it is food for thought.

When episode three wrapped up, in all too short a time might I add, I was sufficiently at the edge of my seat having the whole investigation turned on its head. Things I thought I knew were wrong and people I thought were my enemies might be more important to me than I thought. There’s no doubt that the writers behind this remain true to the gritty noir style of the comics and are doing right by this game. With two episodes to go I’m more invested in the story than ever and am waiting with baited breath to see what I can uncover next. If you’ve played the first two episodes go away and play now. If you haven’t yet played The Wolf Among Us, well, go do the same thing.

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