Astro A20 Wireless Headset Review – High Calibre Gaming Headset Designed with the Avid Gamer in Mind

Astro A20 Wireless Headset Review 

When you think of Astro what do you normally think of? For me, it’s well-designed gaming headsets that are dependable, yet remain fairly complicated and expensive. Often, these two latter reasons have discouraged me from really giving them a chance. Now however, after spending some time with their newest headset, the Astro A20 Wireless, I may have a hard time going back to something that isn’t of higher or equal calibre. A bold statement no doubt.

The A20 Wireless headset is mostly black in color, with blue (PS4) or green (Xbox One) highlights on both the inside and outside of the earphones, down the mic, and along the sides of the headband. Not only does the headset look sleek, it also looks comfortable. The earphones are padded with cloth and are big and square, easily fitting over any size ear…unless those ears are triple the size of the average gamer’s, that is. Both the earphones and the headband have ample padding, allowing for both comfort and style. And what’s a headset without some buttons along the side, right? The A20 Wireless includes just a few on the right earphone, which includes the power, the EQ, and two others on either side of the volume dial for amplifying the game or voice at any given time.


“Astro’s new gaming headset, the A20 Wireless, is not only sleek and snazzy, but also super comfortable and easy to use.”

Without a doubt, even though it looks fantastic, Astro does a great job keeping things simple here. The A20 Wireless headset doesn’t include a bunch of buttons or features you may never use, and I can definitely appreciate that. Keeping simplicity in mind, as the slogan on the website says, No wires, no boundaries.” Gone are the complicated audio mixers that come with a bunch of wires and settings. The very ones that have discouraged me from picking an Astro headset up have been replaced with a simple transmitter that helps switch the headset compatibility from PC to PS4 and vice versa. This transmitter also comes with an optical digital audio cable and a short charging cable for the headset. Thankfully, you don’t have to charge the A20 Wireless too often though, unless you’re planning on taking part in a marathon that lasts more than its 15-hour battery life.

The Astro Command Center software can still be downloaded and used, however, it just doesn’t quite work the same way the more complicated mix amps do with other headsets. Obviously, this lack of audio mixer means there isn’t going to be a huge variety of sound options, but for anyone but the professional gamer, you likely won’t notice.

astro a20 wireless headset top

What you will notice, however, is a feature that has shown up with other Astro headsets such as the A50. This feature is simple; the boom microphone mutes chat audio when you swing it to the upright position. Not only does this ensure that you’re not wasting your time trying to find the mute button along the side of the headset, but it also keeps the mic out of the way when not in use.

If you imagine sitting there moving the mic up and down quite often, you might start to wonder just how durable the headset is. Fear not though, because as soon as you pick the A20 Wireless headset up, you can tell that it’s made with durability in mind. And no, despite the square-shaped earphones and the thick headband that Astro is known for, the A20 Wireless feels very lightweight.


“The sound available here is fantastic, and even without various options to tweak the audio to your play style, you can hear the little things that make a difference in game.”

Now, if you’re a professional gamer, you may be a bit concerned about the simplicity of the A20 Wireless headset audio, but don’t let that trick you into thinking the audio is any less clear. The sound available here is fantastic, and even without various options to tweak the audio to your play style, you can hear the little things that make a difference in game. For example, you can hear enemy footsteps and the deployment of enemy equipment with ease in Call of Duty: WWII, allowing you to react faster. But what about the lag of a wireless headset? I didn’t find any noticeable lag in the relay of voice chat or audio. My husband would talk to me from the next room while we talked via headset and I heard everything in real time.

So, it’s time to answer the pertinent question; is it worth the price? Astro’s new gaming headset, the A20 Wireless, is not only sleek and snazzy but also super comfortable and easy to use. If you’re looking for something that takes no time to setup and isn’t hard to use, this is a high-quality headset worth picking up. The price may be hard to swallow for the casual gamer, at $149 USD, however, there is a lot offered here without all of the complexity of some other high-end headsets on the market. If you are a professional gamer, you may be looking for more audio options that the A20 Wireless simply doesn’t have. So who is the headset really for? It seems that Astro wanted to make a wireless headset that caters to all of the gamers in the middle, the ones who play all the time but don’t play professionally. If you’re an avid gamer that falls into that category, the A20 Wireless headset was made for you.

*** PS4/PC headphones provided by the Astro ***

The Good

  • Well designed
  • Clear audio quality
  • Sleek and stylish

The Bad

  • Audio options are minimized
  • Price might discourage casual gamers