Destiny 2’s Gambit Mode Expertly Bridges the PvP and PvE Gap

Destiny 2: Forsaken – Gambit Preview

Destiny 2’s next big update, Forsaken, is headed our way this September and with it comes one of finest multiplayer modes I’ve experienced in years. A relatively innovative blend of PvP and PvE arrives in the form of Gambit, an intense mode that pits Guardians against each other and the galaxy’s worst.

Admittedly, I’ve spent some time away from Destiny 2 in recent months, but Gambit has reminded me why I found myself addicted to the shared world shooter in the first place. Hosted by the game’s new character, Drifter, two teams of four fight, collect, bank, and invade to be the first to annihilate a Primeval.

Both teams spawn on the same map, but in different realms. Players take the fight to waves of enemies who drop collectible motes that each side must cash into their respective banks to spawn the Primeval. Every 5-15 cashed in spawns a series of blockers that make it especially challenging for the opposing team to cash their own. Successfully cashing in 25 and 50 motes opens a portal enabling a single player from your side to enter the opposing team’s realm for carnage and disruption. Choosing to attack the guardians holding the most motes is paramount, as it could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Thankfully, you’re equipped with a minor buff in health and a form of vision that reveals the mote count of each enemy player. The first team to 75 motes spawns their Primeval, and upon its defeat, the round is won. Two wins are required to win the match, and it’s a hell of a showdown in reaching sweet victory.

Destiny 2 Forsaken

I had a chance to experience Gambit myself along with fellow media and Bungie team members at E3 2018. I’m a competitive multiplayer junkie, especially when it comes to shooters. My favorite modes have always included an objective of sorts; be it Countdown, Control, or Trials of the Nine. Gambit combines the elements I love most about PvP and PvE in Destiny. Blasting hoards of enemies is a consistent delight, and invading the opposing team’s realm is an exhilarating gamble. One of my favorite aspects is the disregard enemies have for you within the other realm. You can literally blend into a pack of Cabal and move closer to your opponents to get the drop on them. The act of collecting and cashing motes is a blast in and of itself, because it’s mainly a competition among your teammates, as the player who cashes the most resides at the top of the leaderboard. The Primeval phase is incredibly intense, particularly when both teams are fighting theirs simultaneously.

Destiny 2 Forsaken

Sitting down with Bungie team members Steve Cotton, Scott Taylor, and Lars Bakken I learned that Forsaken includes four Gambit maps and three combatant types with varying encounters at launch. Additionally, players can look forward to Gambit specific loot, which is something I appreciate considering the amount of time I intend on investing into the mode. Fortunately, Bungie plans to evolve and add to Gambit over time, and through community contribution, I believe it has the potential to become one of Destiny 2’s premier experiences. What’s most exciting is that Gambit’s a single slice of the Forsaken pie. There’s quite a bit to take in, and prior to launch on September 9, you can catch up on all things Destiny 2: Forsaken here.