Top 8 Video Game Releases to Watch for August 2017

Absolver – Devolver Digital – PC, PS4 (August 29)

Another highly intriguing game releasing in August 2017 is Absolver, a role-playing game with a focus on martial arts. The core mechanic of martial arts combat is delivered via a deck-building component of the game, which determines what set of attacks are available to you. While the deck-building itself sounds awesome, you can also learn your opponent’s attacks through combat and take your new skills through the campaign cooperatively and also against other players. This smooth martial arts game is sure to be a hit!


Life Is Strange: Before the Storm – Square Enix – PC, PS4, X1 (August 31)

The prequel to the original Life Is Strange, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm focuses on a sixteen-year-old Chloe Price, and the first of three episodes releases at the end of this month. The game is a graphic adventure played from the third-person view and features a strong narrative with dialogue trees and decisions that alter outcomes. Those who have played the original title know what to expect and those new to the series can probably also jump in with this entry.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Ubisoft – Nintendo Switch (August 29)

The worst kept secret leading up to E3 2017, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a turn-based tactical role-playing video game featuring an interesting turn-based strategic combat system. As yet another quality title coming to the Nintendo Switch, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle features two player couch cooperative play. Though originally unwanted by fans clamoring for a new Mario RPG title, some fans have begun to warm up to the idea, especially as gameplay footage popped up, myself included. Personally, this title is perhaps my most anticipated title of the month, and hope to see what comes out of this game.

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