The Top 8 Mega Man Robot Masters

Electric: Sheep Man

Do robots dream of electric sheep? Taken at face value, Sheep Man seems like a real joke. A sheep robot master? Come on, you’re kidding, right? Turns out it’s actually one of the cooler designs for electric robot masters in the Mega Man series. Yes, it’s undoubtedly silly to see balls of wool split off and drop down static electric based attacks, but it’s also quite hard. By Mega Man 10 it’s near impossible to imagine any robot master not being some generic knock off of former masters, but Sheep Man is unique and a formidable battle to boot. Bonus points for having a slick computer themed stage as well.

Mega Man Robot Masters Sheep Man


Cold/Air/???: Skull Man

This is a bit of a catch all category, and to be honest, shoehorning Skull Man into here is tough. I’m going to do so on a vague notion of death and some sort of chilly breeze. It’s not a perfect fit, but Skull Man is too cool to leave off the list just cause he doesn’t fit the norm. Of all the barrier weapons, Skull Man’s is at least the best looking. Another challenging battle that requires proper defense as well as offense to win, he’s a formidable foe not to be taken lightly.

Mega Man Robot Masters Skull Man

Water: Splash Woman

The water category is one filled with a lot of memorable stages, but less than memorable robot masters. Thankfully we’ve got Splash Woman in Mega Man 9. The only female robot master, the mermaid inspired Splash Woman takes no prisoners with her laser trident. Say that again, laser trident, yeah that’s an impressive weapon right there. Don’t take her appearance on this list as being the best of a bad category, she earns her place among some of the top Robot Masters anywhere.

Mega Man Robot Masters Splash Woman