The Top 10 Most Badass ‘Good Guys’ in Modern Gaming

Who says you’ve got to be a good guy to well… be a good guy? Some of our favourite protagonists in games are the good guys who aren’t really good at all. We’re talking about guys who are complete and utter shit stains that have a hidden heart of gold. The guys who, if you ever met them in a dark alley, would be just as likely to knock you out and steal your wallet as they would be to say hello and keep on walking. Alright, they aren’t all THAT bad but these blokes aren’t the huggable type to say the least. In modern gaming the stories and characters are more fleshed out than ever which means the characters have deep background stories and fully realized personalities. We had a hard time narrowing down our favourites but here are our top 10 badass good guys in modern gaming.


10 – Grayson Hunt (Bulletstorm)

Starting off with a bang we give you the main protagonist in the no-holds-barred, potty mouthed Bulletstorm. Grayson is a drunken space pirate who harbours some serious resentment, a bad attitude and he packs a few BFGs. Ok, so you’re misunderstood and you’ve been wrongfully exiled and there’s a bunch of freaky mutants on an alien planet that want to pick their teeth with your bones. Is that any reason to be such a dick? Alright, well maybe he has good reason but despite his extremely rough exterior his intentions were pure… sorta. Exact revenge, clear your name, and make the world a better place… with swearing, guns and booze. What’s the problem?


9 – Max Payne (Max Payne… DUH)

Here’s a guy who has a genuine reason to be as deeply messed up as he is. In three games we’re not sure if he’s gotten better or worse! His family has been murdered by junkies, he’s been framed for the murder of a DEA agent and he’s wanted by the NYPD. That’s a rough start to your day right? After he clears all that up he still ends up being an alcoholic addicted to painkillers come the third game in the franchise. That doesn’t stop him from going on a rescue mission for some estate mogul’s wife though so even though he’s as broken as the launch of Battlefield 4 he’s still got a glimmer of goodness way deep inside.

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  • Judi Azmand

    Awesome list! Definitely glad Wrex is on it. Although Wrex is pretty badass…I can never forget the female Krogan Eve!!

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      Thanks Judi! I love doing lists like this cuz it gives me a chance just to have a laugh. Writing the excerpts for each character is always a lot of fun.

  • Kiril Mihajlovski

    Morrigan – most badass of them all 🙂

  • Renegade Shepard is pretty badass. Can’t really think of anyone else right now!

  • João Fangueiro

    Kratos is no good guy.

    What good guy kills innocent people?