The Top 4 Worst Fanboy Groups in Gaming


Titanfall has released to the masses and you know what that means?  Mudslinging.  Anyone who enjoys any kind of game has to endure it at one point; their favorite game, developer, or franchise under attack because someone doesn’t understand it, doesn’t enjoy it, or is simply looking to troll a bit just for a good laugh.  It happens to every genre, but some groups are just better at freaking out over nothing than others.  We call these gamers a lot of different names, but the one that can be spoken in polite conversation is fanboy.

Some fanboys defend their beloved games like knights in shining armor, while others froth at the mouth in a rabid attempt to silence any who would speak ill of their favored pastime.  They come in all shapes and sizes but no one will dispute that some groups of fans are really just worse than others.  Here are the top four offenders based on illogical arguments, passionate distrust of all things new and a general affliction of madness, made (of course) in no particular order. 

The FPS Expert

Know why Call of Duty Sucks?  Because it isn’t Battlefield. Know why Battlefield sucks?  Because it isn’t Halo.  And just in case you were wondering Halo sucks because Master Chief is just stupid.

If you felt drawn to the previous paragraph perhaps you too are one of the many FPS fanboys out there in the world, ready and willing to vomit half-legible sentences through their keyboard onto anyone who can read simply because they don’t enjoy one kind of gameplay over another.  It’s amazing the amount of dedication and fury these individuals can have, often misplacing logic and objective reasoning with their own sense of pride and loyalty to one franchise over another.

Ignore that most major FPS games these days have a distinct flavor of their own, the typical of these dedicated FPS experts are convinced that their game isn’t just good, it’s the best.  That there must be a king of shooters that stands out and leads all others, and that developers who work on inferior products are not only terrible game designers but rotten people out to steal your money and probably kill you if they get close enough.  Depending on who you talk to said developer may also go in for a teabag.

The Sonic ‘Fan’

They may have gotten a little quieter in recent years but make no mistake; Sonic fans can be some of the worst people to ever engage in conversation with.  The blue hedgehog has certainly seen some hit or miss titles in the past few years, but Sonic fans are unique in the fact that they aren’t out to prove that Sonic is the king of the platforming genre.  On the contrary they want everyone to know that every single new Sonic game that comes out sucks compared to originals, no matter what.

Things that are considered unacceptable to Sonic ‘fans’?  Any change to his artwork or design including but not limited to the size or shape of his eyes, the details on his shoes, the way he runs, how his legs spin while running, or how far forward he leans while running.  Naturally every other character in the franchise is subject to the same scrutiny and the result is a group of gamers that sound perpetually stuck in the past, wishing earnestly to relive the glory moments of their childhood gaming experience.

The Pokemon Master

Most Pokemon fans are actually pretty great to talk to because as a mainstream RPG Pokemon is like a shared experience.  Everyone has their own stories about gym leaders or their favorite team or a particularly memorable catch, there’s little room for confusion on the subject because it’s all personal opinion.

But dive too deep and you’ll encounter a Pokemon fan willing to argue with you about anything and everything.  Your favorite roster?  Garbage, particularly if you don’t take the time to EV train.  Do you use legendaries?  It’s because you suck, and the legendary you choose probably isn’t as good as another one you could have used anyway.  Don’t even get them started on which generation is better, because the answer will probably change every time and is entirely conditional on a few select Pokemon anyway.

Hipsters will always insist that there’s no generation better than the first 151, but a true Pokemon fanboy will remind you that their perfect roster includes a collection of Pokemon across every game; hand picked and tirelessly EV trained for hours on end and if you want they are more than happy to show you their collection of shiny rares just to prove how dedicated they are.  Exhausting.

The PC Elitist

Sony fans generally look down on the Xbox because it lacks the raw power of its system, Microsoft fans will frequently berate the PlayStation for lacking exclusives or the online support they crave, and Nintendo fans will push quality over quantity while quietly begging their overlord to publish more titles on a frequent basis.  But PC fanboys look down on all with equal disdain no matter what the game is, and that just takes a special kind of person.

PC fanboys often love to derail conversations with interjections about how well a game runs on their system, or how developer toolkits make their experience more immersive, or how a mouse and keyboard is superior to a controller.  The statements themselves are almost universally true, but the frequency in which they’re willing to spit out useless facts about their personal computer is like a banshee wail designed to remind you how great they are at playing games on a PC.

There is a time and place for everything and the PC elitist cares little for either.

  • lmao…far better read than I thought it’d be. Kudos.

  • Jason Mounce

    My current list

    1. Xdrones
    2. PC Elitists
    3. Nintendo fans
    4. Bioware Fans
    5. Sonic fans.
    6. Sony fans
    7. The ‘Hater-wagon-hopper’ fans. (The ones that hop on any hate wagon ‘trend’ that is the latest cool-factor to attack games/series/companies just because ‘Everyone else is doing it’. The current trend being MGS5 GZ Especially) – I see people still calling it a Demo or saying it’s ‘$40’ when its $20-$30 even when Kojima labelled it a Prologue to the Phantom Pain 3-6-9 months before Release. That doesn’t stop halfwits from slapping the ‘Demo’ label over it whilst most fans who’ve played it easily can admit it’s more than meets the eye.

    • DarthDiggler


      Your #7 would be my #1, the reason why the hate-wagon peeps are just conformist trying to fit in. So instead of gathering an informed opinion about a subject matter they just adopt the popular opinions devoid of any logic or thought.

      For example at this point the hate against EA often is given outside of evidence. Just recently people were complaining about the NFS ad within Battlefield 4. When I brought up the fact that Sony advertises in the store, the reply was “So what Sony only advertises IPs that Sony owns”. LOL Which is exactly what EA was doing. I totally blew the guys mind when I produce a picture of the Axe deodorant ad in the PS Store. Which totally demonstrated his ignorance.

      EA can’t do a thing without hate, they could announce BF5 will be free for the first 30 days and people would still find something to bitch about.

      I am not trying to say EA is the best publisher out there, but I think there is a large segment of the gaming community has expectations that can’t be met via standard business models.

      • Jason Mounce

        Well, to be realistic, #7 Fits all fanboys most of the time. So. #7 could be 1 to 6 XD

        • DarthDiggler


          Not really….

          1 Xbox fans will coalesce about Xbox and they generally own the box and know what they are talking about (although no always).

          2 PC Elitist are in the same bag and very few PC Elitist are completely clueless about their rig. Not saying they all world class experts, but I would venture to guess a PC Elitist knows more about his PC than the average person bitching about EA. 🙂

          3 Nintendo fans are about the same bag, but IMHO many of them are fairly naive about hardware, which is why you hear most of them bragging about the popular Nintendo IPs.

          4 Bioware fans, is this really a large enough group to be considered fanboys? Are there really Bioware peeps that forgo playing other studios games because they are not Bioware?

          5 Sonic fans generally have something very specific to speak about.

          6 Sony fans are by far the best and are lovely people to hang out with. 🙂 LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          I think your #7 is in a class of all it’s own because most other fanboys approach their fanboyism from a standpoint of some sort of expertise via experience. The band-wagon-haters often need no sort of expertise or experience, they just join the bandwagon. 🙂

          At least they have some attachment to the scenario.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            #3 aren’t naive about hardware, they just don’t believe graphics make up the entirety of game and believe “GAMEPLAY” is the way forward. Nintendo IP are centered around great gameplay experiences hence why you here Nintendo “fans” talking about the game play and great experiences they’ve had. All in all, they’re all about different experiences while everyone else is about different shades of grey that can innumerably show up on the screen/monitor until they get tired of it. just because they don’t have the same perspective as you doesn’t mean they’re naive or monotonous-that view just makes you exactly that. Don’t start the whole “my username indicates I’m a troll and Nintendo ‘fan’ so you can’t believe a word I say” bullshit, because besides being a hardcore Nintendo gamer, I’m also a Sony gamer and a Halo gamer. You start that with me, I’m not coming back, which is probably what you want so go ahead. I know you won’t agree with me anyway, since the polish on the surface makes it look like Nintendo and Co. are always in the same bag and never reaching out to do new things the customer actually wants, when really they’re doing things the customer doesn’t realize they want until they experience it. Let me ask you something: FF switched over to PS after the 2D era was over. Does that make all those FF gamers ‘fans’ because they still hold onto their games to this day, meaning nearly every PlayStation gamer of any kind is a ‘fan’ by your logic that has no attachment to the scenario and are only going by experience according to your logic? Think about it. Well that’s all. You probably won’t take anything I’ve even said seriously but at least I made my point loud and clear. Sayonara brotha.

          • ThePokeMaster

            I don’t think naive is the appropriate description either. But I think they like to pretend that only Nintendo games have great gameplay. Wii U (and Wii) lacks the graphical prowess of the other two consoles, so gameplay is all they focus on. And that isn’t necessarily wrong, but some Nintendo fanboys claim that because other games on other consoles have better graphics, then they obviously only focused on graphics and have mediocre gameplay, when in fact, many of these games have more depth, both in gameplay and storytelling than many of Nintendo’s games, not just graphics.
            They also mistakenly believe that Nintendo invented everything, such as thumbsticks, rumble, etc.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah I believe Nintendo ‘fans’ tend to put themselves in a bubble and not see the whole picture first before making any sort of judgement. Wii obviously lacks power without a doubt since it’s a non-HD console. Wii U is still a mystery as we haven’t seen everything it can do so I wouldn’t say it’s leagues behind just yet. I think Nintendo has always made game play the main priority ever since they got into the industry, they supposedly I guess just never realized how much people paid attention to the graphics or other things so that backfired on them. I believe the misconception there is that Nintendo fanboys see that the graphics are getting the most attention all the time from the press and devs talking about how much graphics output they’re pushing into their game, so they assume based on all that, that graphics are the only thing that are important to them with everything a side note. Perhaps Nintendo doesn’t put as much depth into game play because they want it to be accessible to people of any age and not it be that a certain group of gamers can’t play because the controls or dynamic is too complex for them. As for storytelling, I’m sure they have their reasons the way they deliver the storytelling but yes it could have more context. Eiji Aonuma did say that they’d be challenging some Zelda conventions and going back to the drawing board with what a Zela game is supposed to be; perhaps he’ll satisfy your ambitions and give you a story in the next Zelda that you can’t pass up when he shows it at E3 this year. Sure, Nintendo didn’t exactly invent those, they only improved on it and made it more widespread on consoles and all that, but one thing they do have sole credit for is shoulder buttons, which were first seen on the SNES.

          • ThePokeMaster

            Well Nintendo hardware such as the NES, SNES, N64 and GC were on top of the game when it came to graphics and performance. N64 had better graphics than the PS1 and Saturn. GameCube had better graphics than the PS2. NES and SNES were competent systems capable of competing with the Master System and MD/Genesis at the same level.

            It’s not a new concept for Nintendo. They’re very capable. They just decided to stop…

            A new third-person Metroid game and a new Zelda game will do it for me. I might just buy a Wii U 😛

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yeah I think Nintendo made those staples of those consoles subconsciously as each generation then it was only natural that one after another there were improvements so they didn’t give it thought then as much as they possibly do now as they took it for granted back then. I think they stopped because they wanted to push more on game play after pushing graphics for so long, and they underestimated how much people bought their consoles for the graphics besides the game play. The Wii was basically a blessing and curse for them, and it all came at a cost. I think both those IP will be shown at E3. Don’t worry you won’t be disappointed 😉
            P.S. I have the Wind Waker HD Wii U-no regrets 😉

          • Guest

            I’d like to know which of the “many” games you are talking about that are more in depth gameplay-wise than Nintendo’s. I’m not saying the only great games come from Nintendo, but all I have seen from a majority of other companies (especially in America, some in Japan) are games that try to get the “hardcore” gamer and care little for other genres or tastes.

          • Dakan45


            This is what i am talkign about damge controling for sony needs to stop

          • ThePokeMaster

            Except that IGN Did in fact report on that loss.
            So the video was wrong. They were two separate news pieces.

            Anyway, the guy in the video was very specific about who he was talking about. So since I don’t really fit that description there was nothing else of relevance to me in the video and stopped watching.

            But please, continue to derail the subject.

          • Dakan45

            The video was talking about n4g.

            “And since I don’t really fit that description(as much as you would want me to)

            Now thats some grade A delussion right there.

            What about this eh?


            Let the damage cotnrol commence, go ahead defend sony like a good corperate slave gimp.

          • ThePokeMaster

            Really? You’re going to post that picture a 5th time!?

            What about it? I already addressed it more than once in that Watch Dogs article. The way I refuted those points were not in any way irrational or rabid. Your comments on the other hand, have been extremely rabid, making you a bigger fanboy then I’ll ever be.
            Not agreeing with you is not the same thing as being a corporate slave.

            The video was very specific. And I do not hate other systems(Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation or PC) nor do I hate on any other console company, the same way YOU do.

          • Dakan45

            You are not a corperate slave because you dont agree with me but because you damage control for a corperation who lies to you and you continue to damage control for them, now thas pathetic.

            Keep being a corperate slave.

          • ThePokeMaster

            I’m a corporate slave? I calmly refuted some of the worst fanboy nonsense I’ve ever heard from you. That was hardly “damage control”. All it took was some common sense.
            You on the other hand, are obsessed and takes everything so personally. I never attacked PC gaming. But you are relentless with your anti-console attack.

            You blamed Sony and called them liars for (see: pic you posted)
            -for downgrading Watch Dogs across all platforms, instead of Ubisoft
            -for Tekken 6’s release date, instead of Namco
            -for UT3, instead of Epic
            -for Gundam Crossfire’s graphics, instead of Bandai
            -for Fatal Inertia’s delayed release, instead of Koei
            -for DMC4 not being exclusive, instead of Capcom
            -for the CNET article from 2005 by some random writer saying that BOTH Xbox 360 and PS3 would end PC gaming
            -for a PR comment made by Phil Harrison(who now works for MS)
            -for games not looking like the tech demos made by other companies
            -for games they were not in charge of being canceled
            -for Naughty Dog keeping TLOU:R a surprise
            -for EA, Epic, Avalanche and indie devs praising the PS4

            How are YOU hurt by any of this???

            What’s next? Sony paid John Carmack to say: “”Consoles run 2x or so better than equal PC hardware””?

            That’s all just irrational hostile fanboy dribble.
            I’m a gaming enthusiast. And like I said before, I own most systems. I play games on both consoles and PC. I DO NOT hate other platforms(Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega or PC) nor do I spend my time hating on any company, the same way you do.

          • ThePokeMaster

            “”ou sony idiots seem to think that just because we dont like your console, doesnt necessary mean we are xbots””

            I never made that claim at all. And who’s we?
            The list that I made proves your irrational fanboy stance. YOU GO A FAR AS BLAMING SONY FOR SOMETHING THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO. But I guess you’ll ignore all that.

            “”What sony PR is doing is WRONG””

            Actually you’ve shown me mostly old examples. Sony has been moving in the right direction lately. But of course, you’ll only focus on the bad, further proving your bias. MS had the worst PR last year, but they’re starting to recover as well.
            You just continue to live in the past when mean old Phil Harrison and a random writer from a random website hurt your PC gamer feelings.

            “”They are LIES said to cause trouble””

            You’re so laughably over dramatic!
            Naughty Dog keeping TLOU:R a secret could be classified as “misinformation” if you want. But that’s to the same degree of someone keeping a present hiding until your birthday/holiday. No trouble was caused. No one was hurt. You’re the only one who cares that much.

            “”i wish sony will just go bunkrupt””

            Of course. Great rational thinking. Not emotional at all. You’re totally not an immature fanboy…

            “”sony no life virgins who got nothing better to do than defend sony like its their mother””

            And you attack Sony as if they killed your mother. You’re obsessed.
            Like I said before. I’ve been passive the entire debate. You’re the one who’s been rabid and hostile from the start.

          • ThePokeMaster

            I said Sony had nothing to do with it BECAUSE Sony had nothing to do with decisions, mistakes or statements made by Namco, Epic, Bandai, Koei, Capcom, Ubisoft, CNET, EA, Avalanche, John Carmack. Who are not Sony nor do they work for Sony.

            Does common sense not exists in your head? It has nothing to do with fanboyism.

            And yes, Sony has improved their PR, more notably since they announced the PS4, even though they’re far from perfect.

            I’m still waiting for you to tell me how much TLOU:R has affected gamers and why does it hurt you so much. Does Sony keep you up at night?
            There are more important things in life, kid.

            Your obsession and hostility make you a huge fanboy.

          • ThePokeMaster

            Are you serious? Sony has nothing to do with Watchdogs. That’s all Ubisoft.


            Do you suffer from short-term memory loss???
            I was referring to you blaming Sony and calling them liars for (see: pic you posted)
            -for downgrading Watch Dogs across all platforms, instead of Ubisoft
            -for Tekken 6’s release date, instead of Namco
            -for UT3, instead of Epic
            -for Gundam Crossfire’s graphics, instead of Bandai
            -for Fatal Inertia’s delayed release, instead of Koei
            -for DMC4 not being exclusive, instead of Capcom
            -for the CNET article from 2005 by some random writer saying that BOTH Xbox 360 and PS3 would end PC gaming
            -for a PR comment made by Phil Harrison(who now works for MS)
            -for games not looking like the tech demos made by other companies
            -for games they were not in charge of being canceled
            -for Naughty Dog keeping TLOU:R a surprise
            -for EA, Epic, Avalanche and indie devs praising the PS4
            What’s next? Sony paid John Carmack to say: “”Consoles run 2x or so better than equal PC hardware””? ] End quote.

            I’m simply refuting your baseless and nonsensical accusations with common sense. That’s hardly “damage control”.
            You, on the other hand, continue to be a hostile fanboy obsessed with Sony and make irrational claims.

          • ThePokeMaster

            Kaz(or was it Ken) said that like 8 years ago.

            You’re stuck in the past. It’s time to get over it.

            No matter what Sony or Microsoft or anyone says. I fail to see how this hurts you so much that you have to take everything so personally.
            You go ahead and continue to play your games on PC. No one is stopping you.

          • Lyrim

            You Nintendo kids sure are sensitive… I seriously doubt even 10% of Nintendo’s fanbase knows what makes their console “tick”.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            That was the old me..the new me happily embraces PC hardware besides console and has more knowledge and understanding now of hardware itself than when I’d posted that. Can we just move on from this no point in holding onto the past my friend?

          • azzuu

            xbox fans know what they are talking about … you make me laugh xbot— i havent seen more liars on any fanboyism than from xbox– from cloud, to specs, to price,– not that other fanbots dont do the same– the concentration seems to come from xbox—

      • Frankie Demetrius

        I am annoyed at BF4 because is a rubberband fest lately it’s so frustrating. Tf is smooth but not as pretty

        • DarthDiggler


          They just released the DLC, so they likely gathering data to tune the servers. Likely a client patch and a server patch will soon follow.

          You new to Battlefield? There is always a period of tuning after any update, especially DLC.

          The rubber-banding at this point seems very connection related, I was having minimal problems (minor studdering), but my friend was having lots of issues.

          • Frankie Demetrius

            Not new to BF just new to this horrible experience

    • Frankie Demetrius

      Plz I hope this isn’t in order

    • HeartlessXx

      How’d did I know psfanboys would be here lol
      #1 xdrones???
      Right when there’s barely any on the net…

      • bigevilworldwide

        Yeah right…They’re everywhere on the net…from the fags with their sony pony crap to pauperstation and lets not forget the KING of ignorant Xbots who constantly talks out of his ass and is 100% wrong all the time MisterMediaX

      • Jason Mounce

        They are still very much on the net. It’s just more or less that either they converted to PS4/Sony’s camp, are staying quiet and aren’t as expressive unlike how they were Last-gen during PS3’s early rise before rising to dominance and love of the gamers. And-

        That they’re keeping low and you’ll notice how big of a swarm they can become like banelings when suddenly you get a Sony article that is negative or, say, the whole fiascos of Sony firing or letting off or really VIP-like gaming staff in studios are leaving Sonys’ branches and you then get the Xdrones SWARMING to try to force a trending hate-wagon to go “LOL SONY LOSING GRASP OF THEMSELVES” – you get the most immature and DESPERATE Xdrones in those situations, that they’re just hidden, waiting for the moment to strike type of approach. I can just SMELL it that that’s what they’re doing, “waiting for the time to strike” type of game to them. Anti-Sony or Bad news on Sony, and they jump on it like flies to manure. Just depends what sites you visit. They come in clusters and jump-wagon on the very first thing that smells exploitable of hatred like a starving child leaping onto a freshly release plate of steak.

        I’ll stop with the poor analogies now.

    • Demo Hater

      Ground Zeroes is $50 in my region, in the UK it retails for £30. So people saying it’s ‘$40’ are indeed incorrect, it’s $10 more. I think it’s fair to say it’s closer to a demo than a full game when I can pick up a PSN game for a quarter of what it retails for here and get more than ten times its length in gameplay.

      In some cases, the ‘Hater-wagon-hopper’ stems from a legitimate complaint from those that really are tested to the limits with their fanboyism of a specific game brand. I am a huge MGS fan, but I am not shelling out that much for so little content.. I have games that are now about $25 from a back catalogue of games I missed out on upon release and they’ll provide me with more content at a cheaper price.

      • Jason Mounce

        It does not justify that just because the EU price can convert to $50 USD, that the very obvious point is no one takes in mind the currency differences of $/£ worth. Just simply CONVERTING to the other currency from another country and going “WHOA ITS A BIGGER NUMBER” isn’t 100% justifiable except in cases when its blatantly obvious that X1/PS4 are ‘$400 here, $800 in other places’. Then SURE. But of a $5-20 margin difference? Na.

        It is not a legitimate complaint, it’s mostly derived from people who I’m positive haven’t played the game. Right now say, I’m 74% completed, fully enjoying myself still and my overall playtime is: 12 Hours and 20 minutes for Normal and hardmode combined.

        ‘So little content’ – Its to people who’ve not played Peacewalker, or cannot at least comprehend that even if Low in Quantity, it’s QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Yes, it’s 4 Side-ops and 1 Extra-ops (the DLC) and a Mainop. However, you ‘WILL’ be replaying the missions over and over to find the easter eggs or hidden content, in Extracting the ‘rare’ or different soldiers like in one where you have to kill a Sniper-team, 2 targets, if you extract them instead of killing them you learn more and likely they go Riggght to Phantom Pain for you, amongst the different guard routines in each mission – Prisoners to extract for your mother base as well. There’s a lot of things to do to COMPLETE the game, Peacewalkers missions in my days were repeated a lot especially to grind and finalize Metal Gear Zeke since of the Monster Hunter-like grinding RPG elements of getting ‘drops’ from both the Monsters and from the AI Bosses :L

        In the end after all that, and people who actually know their facts beyond ‘Price’, it’s all about whether you can sacrifice the money and if you’re not on a tight budget. I’d say its worth it, as an MGS Fan who’s not ‘Rich’ but at least know that for me, $35 didn’t hurt me because 12 hours and soon to be More if not 15 hours is well worth $35 to me.

        • Anonee Moose

          In that case, lets all have retail games at the same price as Australia, since it’s only a little bit more money here and there. When the difference is $15-20 more than elsewhere. It’s definitely not justifiable, regardless of what you say. I’ll bet you’re a rich douche who has lost all sense of monetary value.

          • Jason Mounce

            I can tell your perception of reality and ability to cognitively deduce people over the internet is skewered by your own incompetence.

            I can’t help ignorant people be open-minded, but what I can do is tell you – No. I’m not. I’m simply a college student on student loans with no money of my own. Paying $35 for a game isn’t going to hurt my ‘budget’ of student loans.

            “I’ll bet you’re a rich douche who has lost all sense of monetary value.”

            rofl. Cause you totes needa be rich to buy a $35 game. Bravo. Good sense of pre-judgmental and presumptuous accusations.

    • Honestlydontcare

      for me xdrones and sony fans are side by side. PC elitist are still number 2. I would put Nintendo last.

      • Jason Mounce

        Nintendo fans are essentially non-existent and you don’t ever see them engage in fights often….but I have them as high as they are because there’s been MANY times that I’ve simply said Wii U right now is not worth the money, or that its a sinking ship and needs a price slash like 3DS got or that it has barely any games, or that the latest being me saying “Unfortunately, Bayonetta 2 won’t sell on Wii U because Nintendo fans are known to buy Nintendo-only games on Nintendo hardware, all third party games never really sell well”

        Talking smack or negatively of their console or games makes them LOSE THEIR SHIT. They will attack you relentless like a zealous hoard of sheep. Their reaction to constructive criticism even with negative connotations, at majority, make them express themselves as angry butthurt children who can’t handle the criticism, which garners them the name “Nintenyearolds”.

        I’ve ran into that fanbase often since of Nintendos current position of ‘Not-doing-so-well’. Nintendo fanboys will eat you alive if you go to a Nintendo oriented site and DON’T suck Nintendos dick. It’s a lot worse than even Sony’s or Microsofts primary sites.

        • Honestlydontcare

          I feel your pain

  • Dirkster_Dude

    If I had the PC setup that was pictured in this article I would be a PC elitist as well and provide the proverbial finger to all my worthless brothers and sisters with lesser devices on which to play games. 🙂 As it is…the PC sux – long live console gaming! Rah! Rah! Rah! Honesty forces me to admit I do have a few worthwhile PC odds & ends such as a wireless mouse & keyboard + a 46 inch HDTV with 120hz refresh rate when connected thru the DVI port to my PC.

    • DarthDiggler


      I have no idea where these PC Elitist get the time to keep their rig current, game and get on articles to tell console owners they suck. LOL

      I will freely admit if money is no object, PC is the best place to game. If you care about where your friends are gaming and want to limit your upgrades to once every 5-7 years the console is the best choice.

  • Pekka Puupaa

    I was a sonic fan for a long time until recent years. Those are just a tiny mosquito bite compared to what’s really about those fans. Worst fans ever are Sony fans then Nintendo. I mean all fanboys are the worst.

    • DarthDiggler


      Some Sega fans can be very boorish though, the only think that has tempered their ire is the fact that Sega not making any more hardware has become a cold hard reality.

  • DarthDiggler

    Except Call of Duty does suck and is played by men who wear diapers. 🙂 LOL

    (Ducks for cover).

  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    1. Nintendo
    2. Xbox
    3. PlayStation
    4. PC

    That’s right I put PlayStation at number 3. I know I annoy people here lol

    All it is the age group. Nintendo fans are younger or more immature so they just spew crap they can’t factually back up. Xbox fans do the same thing to a lesser extent, and also they like to believe what Micrsoft tells them. X1 fans are too caught up to the brand. Now PlayStaton fans are too caught up to there exclusives and forward thinking track record, and it may not matter that much. PC guys they talk about negligible spec that give marginal returns, and they choose to believe the games are so much inferior when many of them have not tried the current gen systems.

  • Michael W
  • commodore256

    I would like to pretend fanboys don’t fucking exist, only fucking idiots! Just about every “fanboy” is an idiot, but you can be an intellectual fan or connoisseur without being a fanboy.

    I’m gonna say that FPS is my favourite genre, PC is my favourite platform and my childhood was Sonic and Pokemon. I’m an intellectual and I don’t like games that treat me like a retard and a lot of modern AAA FPS games do that like COD with regenerative health and previously broken kill streaks that plagued COD for years. I like FPS because I have manual control, it’s my actions that make me successful with manual targeting control and realtime combat and I find that to be more mentally stimulating because I have to think fast and I like the PC because my games usually run batter, it’s cheaper and it doesn’t have Hardware Vendor Lock-in, my games stay with me. It’s not like I buy HP games and can’t play them on a Dell Computer and while I refuse to say “PC Master race”, do say “master race” for peripherals and features that aren’t monopolized to only Windows Machines.

    I say shit like “Keyboard & Mouse Master Race” for FPS games because it’s the superior input for FPS and Console people can use it, there controller emulators for consoles and the Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 supported Keyboard and Mouse without any hacks.

    But, if you just play Farmville on your phone, that’s fine with me! I won’t criticize you, I’ll criticize Farmville and tell you why it’s a bad game, but I won’t insult the individual for playing it. I might make an assessment that the Farmville demographic isn’t good at other games, but that’s because they haven’t really exercised the “gamer mind” with more skill or reflex intensive games and that’s ok with me as long as they’re happy.

  • Heartlessxx

    uuuh NOPE
    1 sonyponies.
    2 extreme conservitives
    3 marvel fanboys.


  • Zainre

    1. Sony fanboys
    2. Microsoft fanboys
    3. Nintendo fanboys
    4. PC fanboys

    Sony fanboys are flat out insane. They are feral beings and they freaking worship Sony. They attack every platform that is not a Sony console, they brag about paying 50 dollars a year for PS+, they pretty much think PS4 is the only gaming hardware ANY GAMER SHOULD GET. Did you know that Sony fanboys attacked a Toys R Us video to the point of it being taken down SIMPLY because it was about Xbox One?

    Microsoft fanboys are ignorant and don’t really have their facts straight. They bash the PS4 when PS4 is practically identical to XBO.

    Nintendo fanboys have a problem, they’re afraid to demand better things from Nintendo. They’re very defensive and feel the need to justify everything Nintendo does. Yes, while Nintendo is a lot better than other companies out there with some of their practices, they’re also behind in others. Nintendo fans are the least prone to viciously attacking other consoles and their fans.

    PC Fanboys just talk about specs and Steam all the time. I mean, since PC is the most powerful system, and that’s a reason you’d get PC, I don’t really care that much. They’re actually kind of justified seeing as all other fanboys talk about the advantages of their systems, so why can’t PC gamers?

    • Negi Springfield

      LOL !

      I think the reason is because Xbox-fans kept harassing them Last generation , Now pay-back is a bitch.

    • cell989

      you lost me when you said PS4 is “practically” the same as the xbone. no…….just stop

    • NaughtyOttsel


  • Failz

    Sony fans are a lot worst then PC fans, its very easy to see. What you mention about PC fans is the exact same how a Sony fan acts except they don’t have the truth behind them where as a PC gamer (Nerds/Geeks) usually know what there talking about when bragging about games. Sony fanboys remind me of very dumb PC fanboys where they have no idea what there bragging about, but would brag anyway. Unlike a PC gamer who 9/10 times know what there hardware actually does.
    Bottom line – Truth hurts

  • Benschachar

    Not so sure about that last one: a mouse is great but the keyboard is clumsy, large and requires finger gymnastics to be used effectively in all but a few titles.

  • Rob

    I like how you don’t mention Console Tards who think that a $400-$500 system produces the same visuals as a high end PC and that it takes $5000 to run Crysis.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Ummmmm NO….There are NO console tards, you morons need to get it through your head NOBODY who plays on consoles exclusively gives a shit about PC….The PC elitists feel the need to constantly bring up their PC setup to make themselves feel more secure, not realizing that again NOBODY gives a shit, nor are the jealous….

  • Josh French

    I’d have to put Call Of Duty fanboys up top with FIFA ones just behind. Followed by Xbox and PC gamers.
    FIFA and COD are pretty self-explanatory, year after year they release a near identical game yet they still don’t complain about paying full price for that.
    As for Xbox, it’s a lack of reasoning. Last gen the 360 had the highest faiure rate, least triple A exclusives and charged for online when Sony, Nintendo and Steam didn’t. Microsoft are just stingey and the Xbox fans cant see they’re being had.
    PC gamers has more to do with their belittlement of console gamers than anything else. You can have the most powerful rig in the world but you’re still missing out on the wide array of console exclusives.
    For the record, the mouse and keyboard are only really any good on shooters, strategy games and puzzle games. Platformers, racing games, fighting games and actions games are generally easier to play with a controller. Ideally though you need a fight stick and wheel/pedals.


    1. Sony Extremists (absolute worst of the worst).
    2. Sony Fanboys (So bad they take the top two spots).
    3. Apple Cult of Mac
    4. PC Elitests
    5. Anime Sub Fanboys
    6. Comic Book Fanboys
    7. MS Fanboys
    8. Nintendo Fanboys
    9. Retro Fanboys

    10. Fanboy of anything else

    • cell989

      youre just butthurt Sega is no more thanks to the PlayStation


        Says a guy who’s post history is anti Xbox and pro Sony and whos screen name is a combination of Sony’s Cell processor and 1st party studio 989. Maybe you’re just too much of a fanboy to see what everyone else already knows. The worst fanboys are Sony fanboys.

  • david

    lol at the PS Fanboys on the comments being in denial

  • Billyd

    The Saints Row 2 fanboys are the worst, there deluded enough to believe Saints Row 2 wasn’t a mediocre GTA San Andreas/Vice City rip Off.

    There deluded fanboys won’t admit that Saints Row 3& 4 blow SR2’s crappy copy and pasted gta story, gta open world and gameplay featured in SR2.

    They just won’t plain admit SR 2 is factually inferior to Saints Row 3&4: which provided, better more original gameplay, stories and all quality activities,

    And not Bad GTA Filler, which is what Saints Row 2 was: crappy minigames and a story that tried to be serious but was to goofy to pull it off.

    Saints Row 3&4 fixed this, they might be shorter but its quality games over the literally bad/Mediocre quantity of Saints Row 2. SR 3&4 made the series a classic, but these delusionals would never admit it. And nobody cares about layered customizing when your given way more variety of over the top costumes in SR3….

    Majority of real fans see SR2 is a bad joke of a GTA clone in comparison,

    But these crazies harass the developers and stalk Saints Row videos to try and delude people into being otherwise. Some have even threatened people….

  • Ace

    Great list.

  • blastx

    PC elitist, Sony fanboy, Nintendo, even MS fanboys knows Xbox One is one big failure of a console.

    You dont need to be a fanboy to realise that.

  • doug

    bioware fans

  • Cyrus Palanca

    Fanboys. You will hate them for their craziness. Almost like extreme otakus.

  • Moomanchoo12

    PC fanboys make me want to cry, purely because they think anyone who isn’t a PC gamer is a loser. I haven’t had many close encounters with a Microsoft fanboy except when they are fighting with Sony ponies, so Xbox fans look pretty good in comparison. Sony fans are crazy, but their arguments are often valid, and Nintendo fanboys at least have the decency to keep to themselves rather than attacking anyone who approaches.

  • Eternaldevastation666

    My list for worst gaming fanboys would be..
    1. GTA Fanboys
    2. COD Fanboys
    3. Any Console Fanboys
    4. Minecraft Fanboys
    And of course PC Elitists are not exempt…
    GTA V Fanboys.. well say your grievances with GTA V, in any aspect related to the game, whether it be the characters, the replay value, and they attack with hostility and mind-numbing ignorance.

  • Andrew Nesterov

    1. Nintendo fans
    2. Nintendo fans
    3. Nintendo fans
    4. Nintendo fans
    If you admit how simplistic and casual your games are, why are you in these debates about superiority to begin with? Your games appeal to casual gamers who aren’t supposed to take things seriously, so act like it.
    PS: Anyone who cries about PC gamers, stfu. They actually have factual points, while the people arguing against them use opinions/false statements about PCs in their arguments. PC gamers LOVE to make fun of the people who want basic experiences and worship their favorite corporation that spoon feeds them. So stop whining about them and deal with the fact their freedom and experience is better than yours, because they tend to want the opposite reaction from console gamers.

  • Bryce Quintin

    I contracted aids reading this article.