Ranking The Top 10 Video Game Trailers of 2016

10 Best Trailers of 2016

In a year that saw the release of some fantastic games including Doom, Final Fantasy XV, Overwatch and Uncharted 4, there were some great trailers released as well. The following trailers were not only hype inducing, but also just plain fun to watch. All of the trailers in this list make you want to play the game, and at the end of the day, isn’t that the whole point? It was definitely tough to pick the top trailers of the year, but alas, here are the 10 best trailers of 2016.


10) Horizon Zero Dawn

The trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn, released at this years PlayStation Experience, showed off some amazing graphics. The detail and colours are fantastic the whole way through. If anyone had been following Horizon Zero Dawn before the release of this trailer, they would have been impressed with the machines at the center of the game, both aesthetically and in design. The end of the trailer leaves the story wide open, allowing the development team many different possibilities. One thing is for sure, after watching this trailer players will be wondering what to expect. It’s such a new and unique idea for a game that the whole trailer seems to belong to a movie instead of a video game. Horizon Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive that is set to release on February 28, 2017.

9) Battlefield 1 

The music, paired with the stunning visuals on display make this trailer for Battlefield 1 pretty great. Players get to experience what the game was actually like, with the blood and the crisp graphics we’ve come to know from the Battlefield game franchise. The combat takes the players back to World War 1, however, the gameplay looks like it has evolved. With the ability to interact with more vehicles, it looks like modern day graphics meets the real combat, vehicles and guns of the 1900’s. Hell, even the horses are a nice touch. Even though Battlefield was released in October this trailer is a standout for the year.

8) Spider-Man

As the trailer for Spider-Man begins with great narration that has become the standard of Marvel movies and video games alike, Peter Parker shows his humorous side right away. Players get large glimpses into not only the story, which seems to have strayed a bit from the older versions of the game, as well as the style of play. Players see which enemies they’ll get to face and how heavily the game is geared towards combat. I get the feeling that players will feel more like Spider-Man, flying through the air using webs galore, and less like Peter Parker, solving crimes one solved puzzle at a time. Insomniac Games has really done a great job with this series reboot if the phenomenal graphics shown in the trailer are any indication. The trailer is sure to get players excited for the game release which is set for some time next year.

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