The Greatest Video Game Sequels of All-Time

Sequels Better Than Their Predecessors

Gaming is chock-full of sequels. While sometimes a sequel fails to capture what made the original game so great, there are occasions where gamers are treated to a sequel that is so good, they’re better than their predecessors. For this Perfect List, we had our favorite podcast crew, Press X To Podcast, put together a list of their 10 favorite sequels. There was a caveat though, we only considered sequels that were better than the title that came directly before. For example, we could compare Dead Rising 3 to Dead Rising 2, but not the original Dead Rising. It’s also worth noting that the list isn’t in any particular order. Let’s get started!

Portal 2

We absolutely loved Portal 2. Make no mistake, the original Portal was a phenomenal experience, but the sequel took everything that was so great about the original and made it bigger. Portal 2 was a longer game, with a more developed narrative and crazier puzzles. Even to this day, Portal 2 is also one of the funniest games ever made, bringing a smile to even the most jaded of gamers face. It’s been seven long years since Portal 2 and yet we haven’t heard anything about a third Portal game… and that’s a damn tragedy.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

When Uncharted first came out, it was a fun Tomb Raider knock-off. Then came Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. With bigger, more epic action sequences, a more intriguing story, fleshed out characters, a multiplayer component, and damn near perfect combat mechanics, Uncharted 2 was an excellent sequel and still the best game in the franchise (even though Uncharted 4 was really, really good!).

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Star Fox 64

Star Fox was an absolute treat when it debuted on the Super Nintendo. With unparalleled graphics and gameplay, it redefined the shooter genre. For whatever reason, Star Fox 2 was never released worldwide (until the Super Nintendo Classic Edition showed up in 2017). Fortunately, Star Fox fans wouldn’t have to wait too long, because, in 1997, Star Fox 64 arrived for the Nintendo 64. Star Fox 64 improved every aspect of the original, by providing a longer, deeper story with far more secrets, new gameplay modes, and a local multiplayer mode.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

When Tomb Raider (2013) was announced, some fans of the beloved franchise were worried when the decision was made to reboot the franchise. Our busty adventurer, Lara Croft, would be replaced by an untested, younger, and more vulnerable, Lara Croft. The result, however, was brilliant and might be the best reboot of a franchise in gaming history. Amazingly, the team at Crystal Dynamics took Tomb Raider and made it even better with the sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, offering a more diverse open world, better action sequences and a solid story. Even better, this fall we’ll be treated to Lara Croft’s third adventure in this rebooted franchise with Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

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Guitar Hero 2

Guitar Hero 2 took everything that was fun about Guitar Hero and refined it to a near perfect formula. Arguably the best in the Guitar Hero franchise and possibly even the best “plastic music instruments” game available, Guitar Hero 2 is a must own for any aspiring rock star still holding their day job. And look at that setlist: Strutter, Sweet Child O’Mine, Woman, and Smoke on the Water are just some of the tracks you could be rocking out to in your tighty-whities!

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