All That Great Cosplay From Northern FanCon 2017

Northern FanCon 2017 – a Collection of Great Cosplay from Professionals and Amateurs Alike!

Fan Con’s and Expo’s always have their share of awesome cosplay. Whether it’s a full-time professional cosplayers or casual part-time cosplayers, it’s always great to see what fans can do when they put their minds to it! The end results are often fantastic representations of favorite characters from movies, games, comics and TV shows.

This year at Northern FanCon in Prince George, British Columbia, there was no shortage of excellent cosplay! On page 1, we’ll show you a collection of fantastic cosplay creations from attendees. On page 2, we’ll show you what the full-time professional cosplayers were wearing at the event.

Master Chief

Ana and McCree


Classic Lara Croft & Joker

Silent Hill Nurse & Reboot Lara Croft