Last of Us Part II: 8 Reasons Why We Should Be Absolutely Terrified of Ellie

Last of Us Part II: Reasons Why We Should Be Shaking In Our Boots

You know a game is a big deal when Sony decides to throw together a makeshift church constructed in a tent at E3 2018 just so they can showcase a 12-minute trailer. Yes kids, The Last of Us Part II is a huge deal and is easily one of the most anticipated games shown at E3 this year. The trailer we saw last week gave us a glimpse at some of the characters, and the brutal gameplay we can expect to see when the game eventually hits retail. We cannot stop thinking about our “E3 Game of the Show” as everything we have seen thus far looks incredibly awesome. The Last of Us was a benchmark in gaming and we have no doubt Naughty Dog is on the right track with the sequel. Unfortunately, it looks like a release date is still a long way out, but the meantime we’d just like to take a moment to celebrate the badass that is Ellie. Without further delay, we look at several reasons why we need to be terrified of Ellie.

She Can Craft on the Go

In Last of Us, crafting played a fundamental role in the game. Naughty Dog appears to up the ante this time around. In the E3 demo, we see Ellie looting and crafting an explosive arrow, which results in a devastating explosion. Being able to craft exploding arrows is fantastic and is definitely a mechanic I’ll want to quickly pick up when I play the game. What I liked about this part of the demo is that it looks like we’ll be able to quickly access a crafting wheel during combat. This should help keep the combat intense and fluid.

She’s Ruthless and Brutal

Oh boy where do I even start? Let’s see, in the demo we see Ellie jam a knife into a fellas neck in a particularly disturbing fashion. We also see her nearly decapitate some dudes head with a machete and she uses a light handgun to blow some gals brains out. The Last of Us Part II takes place in a dark brutal world where Ellie is forced to defend herself at all costs.

Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Girlfriend

She Doesn’t Forget

If you remember from the E3 trailer a year ago, she says she will “find and kill every last one of you”. In the demo this year, that is exactly what she does. She literally kills and takes down every last enemy in sight. Could this be because she is seeking revenge for something that occurred to Joel? Or maybe she is holding a grudge because of something they may have done to Dina, the girl she was dancing (and kissing) with at the church? You may have noticed Ellie was wearing the same bracelet Dina was wearing during combat… Let the speculation begin!

She Can Adapt, Persevere and Overcome

Whether she is trapped under a car, stuck inside a deserted store or corned in some underground garage, Ellie always seems to find a way to get herself out of sticky situation. She’ll pick up a bottle and launch it; she’ll take someone hostage and use any weapon at her disposal. She also seems pretty proficient at using different weapons in the game. Whatever the situation presents itself, Ellie seems to come out on top.

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