Four Things You Must Do When You Start God of War

Four Must Dos When You Start God of War 

If you’re anything like me, you are hyped for the release of God of War in just a couple of days! I couldn’t be more excited to sink my teeth back into the newest chapter in the saga that is Kratos’ life. After getting to play for a couple of hours, there are a few things to take note of as you get that fresh, new game smell off of the new God of War!

4) Power up Kratos

This may seem like an obvious one, but there’s a reason for this. When you level up and get your points, you may be tempted to upgrade Atreus first, but don’t be mislead. You never get to control Atreus, so his upgrades are mostly to pad his stats. He usually is used to distract enemies to give you the opportunity to get a critical strike on them, so jacking Kratos’ stats is the way go. Get him strong, get him vicious, and get his weapons to the max and you will run amok through the Scandinavian wilderness.

3) Good Things Come to the Intrepid Explorer

The way you play God of War is completely different than any of the predecessors and thus, exploring a little bit different. You’re not going to jump over a wall to find a hidden room, but you can get your son to drop a chain to a previously unreachable area. In the early stages of the game, there are multiple chests that are hidden in out of the way parts of the map which will help you level up quickly. They’re rarely obvious and always beneficial, so it’s worth your while to check out the borders of the map.

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2) Tear Things Apart

Once Kratos gets back into killing things, you’re offered a variety of ways to slay monsters. Fans of the series may know that Kratos’ god strength allows him to tear things apart. Whenever you stun a Dragur, you have the option to obliterate him with your axe, or you can take the extra second to rip him in half. In the frenzy of a group melee, you often just want to bang your axe against as many heads as you can, but there’s a little bit of a reward to ripping things apart with your bear hands, so take the extra second to let that Dragur know who’s boss.

1) Enjoy the Emotional Ride

We all know Kratos to be a rage-filled monster whose rough backstory lead him down a bloody path of revenge. The previous three games focused on the revenge and only touched upon the back story. Kratos’ rage was dutifully explained but we never got the real sense of the hurt that losing your family (at your own hands at that) would do to a man. From the opening frames of the fourth entry, we get to see how the wear and tear has impacted the God of War. Kratos is a man who continues to lose everything important to him, even if he’s tried to put his violent life behind him. The past always comes back to haunt you and Kratos’ life is no different. So, sit back, enjoy the deep bass of Christopher Judge as he imparts life lessons on Atreus, and bask in the journey that brought our God of War to the Norse gods.

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