Three Things We Love (And Hate) About The Destiny 2 Beta

3 Up, 3 Down – Destiny 2 Beta

I have been waiting in anticipation to see what new things Destiny 2 will bring to the popular universe, and over the past few days, Destiny 2 has given me a long hard look at what is to come. While there is a lot to like so far, only time will really tell if there is enough new content to draw new fans in and old ones back. With that being said, it’s likely that Bungie is waiting for a big reveal when the full game is released, having only given players in the beta access to one campaign mission, a strike, and both competitive PVP and regular crucible. While the beta for Destiny 2 shows off a very familiar game, it feels like a better version of the first Destiny title so many fell in love with.

The Love List

The Story

Recently the developers have said that there might be so much story involved in Destiny 2 that some might complain about it. But really, who doesn’t love a great story? While there is only the first mission to play in the Beta, it hits hard, setting the sequel very much apart from the first game. This first mission gives us a look at the brand new and redefined enemies, as well as a darker Destiny universe. On top of that, Bungie has done a great job delving into the lore and supporting characters of Destiny, making the story feel a lot more cohesive and meaty than the first ever did. After playing the one and only mission available in the  Destiny 2 Beta, it’s not hard to imagine that if the rest of the story carries on this way, it can shatter expectations of the sequel all by itself.

The Weapons and Class Set Up

Now, I’m sure there will be a lot of people who disagree with me here, I’m looking at you sniper mains, but there is something refreshing about the new weapons and class set up in Destiny 2. Instead of having primary weapons, special weapons, and heavy weapons, there are now basically two primary weapon slots and one heavy weapon slot. The first category, kinetic weapons, are a variety of submachine guns, pulse rifles, scout rifles, hand cannons and auto rifles. The second category, energy weapons, includes all of the same types of weapons as the first slot, but with extra elemental damage. The third and last category are the power or heavy weapons. Bungie has put shotguns, snipers, grenade launchers and rocket launchers in this last category, seemingly in a move to stop players in PvP from becoming too overpowered with shotguns and snipers. Of course, this may not bode well for everyone in PvE, it seems like a smart move that changes the gameplay of Destiny almost entirely. This brings a whole new level of strategy to how players will need to set their guns up before entering either type of game mode.

In addition to the revamped weapons set up, each of the weapons themselves look and sound amazing, with different ‘bonuses’ for each one. For example, the exotic Riskrunner increases weapon damage when taking arc damage. As if the new aspects of the weaponry wasn’t already a huge selling point, Bungie has also improved the sound of the guns. Let me tell you there is something completely satisfying about finally shooting a gun that sounds how it should. Gone are the sounds of guns in outer space, or whatever the first Destiny title was going for, having been replaced with a realism that makes it all that much more enjoyable.

destiny 2 beta weapons

Improved Enemies

Where you’ll really see just how much work Bungie seems to have put into their sequel is in the new enemies and improvements made to the old. While many fans of the original Destiny game either loved or hated the Cabal, they’re back in a big way! Within the first campaign mission, and again in the strike, the Inverted Spire, you will meet the Red Legion. These are specially trained Cabals, with increased mobility, jet packs, and flame wielding abilities. These enemies now rush at you, with swords ablaze, and jump in the air to match your mobility. It has become harder to escape their wrath, which, in turn, has made it that much better to face off against them. And it’s not just the big Cabal enemies that received a facelift, but also the Psions, and Phalanxes. The Psions are now a sniper class, with the ability to uproot the players, sending them into the air, and the Phalanxes have new shields which need more battering before they are destroyed. If you’re thinking that Destiny 2 is too much of the same game, there are also new attack dogs, called War beasts, which will attack alongside the melee-focused Gladiators. With this much variety brought to the single story campaign, I’m excited to see what else Bungie will bring to the table.