5 Tips to Help You Tackle the Living, Breathing World of Detroit: Become Human

5 Helpful Tips For Detroit: Become Human

Welcome to the city of Detroit in the year 2038. This is a time where androids and humans co-exist, and with a game as complex, vibrant, and enthralling as Detroit: Become Human it might be easy to fall head first down the rabbit hole. In order to keep you from feeling like a deer in the headlights, we’ve put together a short list to help you on your way as you begin the emotional journey.

1) Get acquainted with the interactive controls

If you’re expecting Detroit: Become Human to play similarly to that of the Telltale franchise, be prepared for something even more interactive. While Telltale allows you to feel like you’re a part of the action in real time, Quantic Dreams has a very different way of approaching the controls. From turning or tipping the entire dualshock controller just to complete a simple action or tapping or swiping the touchpad to play the piano or paint a picture, you should definitely pay attention to the actions in the beginning of the game. The reason for this is that the beginning chapters seem to be designed, at least in part, to help you practice and become one with the various actions on offer, especially considering just how much you’ll have to rely on this knowledge for the combat dispersed throughout the narrative.

2) Adapt to fit behaviour with task objectives

In Detroit: Become Human you’ll need to adapt to every twist and turn the story throws at you. A strategy that may have worked for Connor when he had to de-escalate the hostage situation in the opening scenes of the game may not work against another deviant. For example, building trust with the deviant in one scene may be exactly what you don’t want to do in the next. Further to this, because Kara, Markus and Connor each have their own style of play, it is a necessity to change how you interact with AI and which decisions you choose from one chapter to the next.

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