5 Things Star Wars: Battlefront II Owes Us

5 Things Battlefront 2 Owes Us

Since the announcement of DICE’s Battlefront 2, fans have been drooling over the first trailer like Jabba the Hutt when he sees a gold brassiere. However, there are also the fans who still have a bad taste in their mouth after having had their expectations of 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront thrown into a sarlaac pit upon release. DICE had shown us what it could do, but instead dangled it in front of the Star Wars fanbase while feeding on our anger, which led to hate, and – ultimately – our suffering.

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But with the sequel around the corner the developers were smart, coming forward since the trailer’s release and putting most of our doubts to rest, promising everything gamers had hated would be quite operational by the time the Rebels could get their hands on it come mid-November. Could all of these promises just be a jedi mindtrick? Here are 5 Things Battlefront 2 Owes Us (and better deliver – we’re watching!)

Vehicle Customization

Battlefront previously gave us the ability to switch the faces of our characters… and that was it. It seems simple for DICE to add more features to make your character stand out, especially considering the rich and bountiful cultures in the galaxy far far away. DICE did confirm the return of customization and – while vehicle customization was mentioned – the real question is the depth to which it will be accomplished. Even the Battlefront games on PSP had more customization options that 2015’s Battlefront; we deserve this touch and – if it is handled right – it can be a huge asset to the popularity of the series.

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Series-Wide Content

Possibly the largest demand and for good reason. When Battlefront launched we were told it would only focus on the original trilogy. While at first many hardcore fans were fine with ignoring the prequels, what they didn’t think about was the limitation that placed on content. What’s more, the only content from the as-of-then upcoming Episode 7 would be a single mission on Jakku. Imagine how gorgeous current gen graphics could make Naboo, Coruscant, or Geonosis appear.