Despite The Initial Reaction, Here Are 4 Reasons Why Infinite Warfare Can Still Be Great

4 Reasons Why Infinite Warfare Can Be Great

The initial trailer for Infinite Warfare was met with a lot of criticism, and received more dislikes than likes. Fans and critics alike have stated that Infinity Ward and Activision took the game in a direction that they should not have, and that they added Modern Warfare Remastered as an incentive to buy the game. While many fans are calling for a return to the series roots, it may be difficult to take away all of the innovations, especially the movement, in this and future games. After playing the beta it is apparent that while Infinite Warfare is futuristic, it is really just a re-skinned and refined version of Black Ops 3. Below are four reasons why we think that despite the initial criticism, Infinite Warfare can still be great.

Refined Movement

Each of the boosted movements have been refined for smoother controls, making it more difficult to chain the movements together. Infinite Warfare seems to be designed in such a way as to bring the double jumping, wall running and sliding back down to Earth despite being set in space. It would be difficult to get rid of these boosts altogether and make the movement very basic. Infinite Warfare has done away with swimming, and the movement combinations are more about movement and less about evasion than they were in Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3.

Along with this slight change in movement, the maps are designed to place less emphasis on this boosted movement as well. While there are walls to run on and structures to jump on top of, there is also room to run and slide on the ground without being at a terrible disadvantage to those in the air. Running around without always needing the extra movement to get onto or into buildings is fantastic, and it brings some of the ground gameplay back to the game. Of course, if you are a player that enjoys what the extra movement brings to the table, you won’t feel much of a change from Black Ops 3, except that each of the boost movements feel like their own movement, rather than the start or end of an evasion tactic.

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Combat Rig Capabilities

Much like the specialists in Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare has multiple combat rigs that offer different load out capabilities. Allowing changes of these combat rigs in game is a huge benefit as players can adjust their combat rig loadouts based on the map and the enemy team. Each combat rig has three traits, or passive abilities, as well as three payloads, earned abilities, that can be mixed and matched however each player prefers. Examples of these payloads include a weapon that causes a black hole to appear and suck nearby enemies into it and a weapon that disintegrates enemies in a single shot. Traits include regeneration which gains health faster and perception which causes the screen to blink yellow when an enemy is looking at them off-screen. While these different payloads and traits are similar to other popular first person shooters such as Destiny and Halo, they still feel very much like the recent Call of Duty games.

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