3 Things We Love (and Hate) About H1Z1 for PlayStation 4

3 Thumbs Up, 3 Thumbs Down for H1Z1’s PS4 Open Beta

Daybreak Games opened up the beta on PS4 for H1Z1, a realistic battle royale game that became popular through its many reboots on PC. Pitting 150 players against each other with solo, duo and five-player team modes, it is a solid and entertaining game that ensures a healthy challenge.

All players begin by airdropping into the map at a random location with nothing but the clothes on their back, and must scavenge for weapons, armor and other survival supplies. Toxic gas closes in on the map over time, forcing players into closer proximity with one another until only one player or team remains.

After participating in both the closed and open beta, here are my favorite (and least favorite) things about the newest competitor in the world of PS4 battle royales.

The Love List

Customizable Skins and Loadouts

In H1Z1, you have the ability to customize the look of your character and everything you pick up over the course of a match. Everything from the skins on guns and armor to the paint on various trucks and ATVs can be assigned, giving a fun incentive to keep playing and unlocking new items. You can also choose between male and female protagonists of various ethnicities; a feature that offers a present (albeit limited) way for players to express different identities.


Simple Yet Challenging

The PS4 mechanics for H1Z1 have been pretty streamlined from the PC version, and the crafting system has been removed entirely. It does not have the nuanced building element of Fortnite or the extensive length of PUBG battles, making it a more simple option that meets both games somewhere in the middle.

However, its simplicity should not be dismissive of its challenging nature. Eliminating enemy players is no easy task, as the small focal point and camera sensitivity makes it difficult to nail targets, and the base guns you can find in buildings at the start of the game will not stack up very well against guns and armor looted from special airdropped crates.

Toxic Gas

There’s nothing quite like an impending circle of dangerous, green fog with accompanying sirens to add a sense of urgency and stress to the game. It creatively pushes players together while remaining forgiving should you lag behind: the gas will not kill you immediately, but will instead wear away at your health over time. Meaning, if you didn’t manage to get your ass into the safe zone right away, you still have a fighting chance to do it after.


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