Ranking The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

8) The Lego Batman Movie

If you’re one of the many people who enjoyed the LEGO Movie (if you didn’t, what sort of monster are you?), you certainly remember how Will Arnett’s Batman stole the show. No one was then surprised that he was getting his own spinoff movie and this one has all the ear markers of a gem.

A great list of voices compliment Arnett’s Batman as he has to create his Bat team to help him combat the villains of Gotham. With such great casting as Michael Cera as Robin, Zach Galifinakas as the Joker, Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, Rosario Dawson as Batgirl and a Bat gem with Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face, Lego looks to capitalize on what made The Lego Movie so wonderful by exploring the humorous side of the Caped Crusader.

It looks like Lego is going to have another hit on their hands, as long as they focus on the jokes that keeps them relevant and not trying to get out of hand with its tongue in cheek style. Also, let’s watch how many cut away jokes we’re seeing…

7) War for the Planet of the Apes

If you’ve been following the rebooted series of Planet of the Apes, you’ll know just how wonderful a series it is. Granted, Rise of the Planet of the Apes had its flaws, but when Matt Reeves took over with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the series really took a terrific turn. With most of the major pieces of Dawn returning for War, this one can only build on the successes of the previous entry as Caesar and his band of apes face down a very militarized sect of humanity led by Woody Harrelson.

The series has really been building to Caesar fighting the humans in a life or death struggle which began in Dawn. War seems to be where we see just how far evolution has taken Caesar and his ape nation as the struggle for the future of the planet begins. Spoiler alert, I think the title may give away where this one goes.

Honestly, this series has been absolutely fantastic and there’s nothing that to make me think that Matt Reeves can’t helm Andy Serkis, Judy Greer and company through another terrific entry to the series. All I need is for the date to arrive and I’ll be there!

6) Blade Runner 2049

1982’s Blade Runner is a sci-fi classic that may be one of the most influential movies you’ll ever see. The sci-fi genre as we know it owes a monumental amount to the rain soaked, neon drenched replicant hunt from Ridley Scott. There’s even still debate to this day on the replicants, Deckard himself and what it all means, especially since Scott has released numerous cuts, trying to get the film just the way he wants it.

Blade Runner 2049 takes place 30 years after the first film and, if you read above about Alien: Covenant, Scott has his hands full. So, helming duties have gone to the absolutely terrific Denis Villeneuve with Ryan Gosling in the lead as the new Blade Runner. Somewhat controversially, Harrison Ford is also returning as Deckard as well as the same writers coming back to pen the sequel. Add in, Jared Leto, Dave Bautista, Robin Wright, and Ana de Armas as supporting cast and its starting to look very filled out. Pretty much, a dream team has assembled to bring us a sequel to a beloved classic.

Yes, the term ‘sequel to a beloved classic’ has usually gone down poorly, historically. However, this doesn’t seem like a cash in sequel, mainly due to the returning writers. Hampton Fancher basically hasn’t written since the first Blade Runner, something that makes his return to tell the follow up to Deckard story all that more appealing. Oh, yeah, there’s also the fact that Denis Villeneuve can seemingly do no wrong and Ryan Gosling is a terrific actor. While this could end up an inflated money grab that falls on its face, I highly, highly doubt it will.

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