Ranking The 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

10 Must See Movies of 2017

With every new year comes the promise that it will be filled with plenty of entertainment and all those trailers you’ve been teased with over the past few months will actually turn out to be the awesome movie we were promised. You always gamble when you go and see a film because the director might have had a meltdown or studio mucked things up but when you look at the release schedule, there’s always a few that catch your eye. I could be completely off on my anticipation, just as I may be wrong about the movies that I said to avoid. For now, let’s look at what, on paper at least, look like the hits for the year!

Anticipated Movies 2017 HERO

10) Power Rangers

This may just be the nostalgia talking but I can’t wait for this one! Okay, it’s entirely the nostalgia talking, but man, how can you not be pumped about this one?

Yeah, there are a lot of reasons to be concerned about this one First, much like Max Landis pointed out, the trailer does look quite a bit like Chronicle. Given that Landis apparently penned an early version of the script that was campy and funny, it’s not hard to tell why he didn’t get a later draft. Also, there’s the fact that the cast is completely untested, even more so than the director. Dean Israelite’s claim to fame is the found footage ‘horror’ Project Almanac… boy there’s a lot of ‘found footage’ ties to this one.

However, the Power Rangers have been on TV screens from the early 90’s until, well, I still think they’re on. If you ever got into the series at all, a new, big budget, more adult themed and gritty take on the whole concept has to tickle you. I mean, this could very well turn out disastrous, but my inner child is very excited about this nonetheless.

9) Alien: Covenant

Perhaps better known as Prometheus 2, Covenant is another gamble that looks like it could recapture what made the early Alien instalments great and perhaps a little less away from where the series has gone. This one finds the crew of the colony ship Covenant as it plans to charter a peaceful world out in the galaxy but finds horrors waiting for them instead.

Michael Fassbender and Naomi Rapace reprise their roles from Prometheus, but given the end of that film, I’m interested to see how that unfolds in this one. Ridley Scott is, of course, back behind the lens, so that holds some promise. As Scott has aged, his work hasn’t always been the greatest, but if anyone is going to recapture the horror from the first Alien, it’s going to be Scott.

That, in essence, is what’s so captivating about Covenant. It’s Scott’s universe and yes, the franchise got out of hand, but Covenant looks like it’s Scott getting back into form and violently scaring the bejesus out of us! Granted, it could turn into a bunch of more philosophy on the nature of our existence and place in the universe, but if you’ll check out the trailer below, it certainly looks like it’ll be less pining about the state of humanity and more man vs. alien. Note – the trailer is the red band version, so be aware of your surroundings.

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