The 10 Best Pokémon From Diamond and Pearl

Happy 10th Anniversary For Diamond and Pearl

I’ve been a fan of Pokémon ever since I received Pokémon Blue as a gift for the original Game Boy, but no entry ever drew me in as much as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The first entries in Game Freak’s long-running role-playing game series to appear on the Nintendo DS ate up my entire Summer, and I spent hundreds of hours (not an exaggeration, I really needed another hobby at that point) playing the game.

Now those games are seeing their 10th anniversary today, so I wanted to celebrate two games that are close to my heart. Since one of my favorite things about each Pokémon entry is getting to see what new pocket monsters Game Freak came up with, I figured I’d share my 10 favorite Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl.

Check out my list below, and feel free to share your favorites in the comment section below. I’d love to see them.


Okay, how can you not love Bidoof? The beaver-looking Pokémon has adorable buck teeth, and has a cult following for just looking so dumb (in a good way, of course). He’s a simple pocket monster that just wants to gnaw on some wood and live his life as a normal-type, and I respect Bidoof for it. Keep doing you, Bidoof.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl


Let me settle the Palkia/Dialga debate: Dialga is cooler. The Pokémon Diamond coverstar is a cool looking steel dragon, who also happens to be the God of time. Plus, he’s my favorite color (blue), so he gets extra coolness points for that. He’s one of the best dragons that the series has ever produced.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl


Speaking of dragons (this game was filled with them), Giratina is a pretty dope one too. While his origin form (found in Pokémon Platinum) is pretty lame since he looks like a worm, his default form looks awesome. He’s a terrifying dragon with six (!!!) legs, can control antimatter, and just looks like he’s had a bad day and could use a hug.

…I’d hug you, Giratina.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

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