Scott Sullivan

Scott has been playing games since he could barely stand, and has a special spot in his heart for anything Nintendo related. He is also the guy to call on anything computer related. He's not afraid to speak his mind on a game and grade it fairly, but he has his fanboy moments, like anyone. If you can talk hockey with him, your'e immediately in his good graces

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Hotline Miami Collection Review – No Missed Calls

The cult indie hits Hotline Miami and its sequel arrive on Nintendo Switch, and despite it’s simplistic look, it actually ends up being of the most intense experiences on the platform. The Hotline Miami Collection is an excellent port, and captures the whole experience, for better and worse.

Judgment Review – Just Another Victim

Despite its delays, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s latest title, Judgment is finally in the hands of the west, and it’s easily worth the extended wait. What lies below this package is one hell of a thriller, packed with content that will keep you busy for hours upon hours.