Born from the ashes of Canadian Online Gamers we now move forward to COGconnected. We are your go to spot for news, reviews, videos, previews and editorials on all things gaming with a little geek culture thrown in for good measure. From indies to the big guns, this team of 30+ writers is dedicated to honest coverage that readers can trust. We all remember why we started playing games – they’re fun – and we strive to keep that spirit alive in everything we cover.

Who are we you ask?

Trevor Houston – Co-Founder, Co-Owner & Executive Editor – Co-owner and co-founder of COGconnected (formerly known as Canadian Online Gamers), Trevor has been covering the video game industry since 2006. As one of the original founders of COG, Trevor can been seen daily doing all things that make COGconnected one of Canada’s top independent video game websites. With Bachelor of Arts Degree in hand, Trevor has a tenacious passion for the industry and is relentless in his desire to produce engaging content for readers to enjoy. He is also a judge for the Canadian Video Game Awards. You can follow Trevor on Twitter @Bringer_of_COG.

Shawn Petraschuk – Co-Founder, Co-Owner & Executive Editor – Fearless leader, dashing and debonair Executive Editor, and Co-Founder/Owner of COGconnected. Raised on an NES, came of age on the PS1, turned ‘crusty, old grumpy gamer’ on the Xbox One and PS4. I play it all from shooters to RPGs all while grumbling about getting owned by 12-year-olds. The reflexes just ain’t what they used to be ya know? Follow Shawn on Twitter @callmeshawnp for his rants and musings!

Patrick Anderson – Content Editor – Patrick first got hooked on video games while playing Lode Runner on the Commodore 64. Since then, he has balanced his love of gaming with his other interests, including writing, sports and obsessively polishing his iPhone’s screen. Patrick’s involvement with COG involves submitting news, writing reviews, attending events, and desperately defending his purchase of a PlayStation TV to anyone who will listen. Twitter @patrickcognews

Paul Sullivan –  Editor & Real OG – A gamer, writer, and social media guy, Paul joined COG in 2011. As a youngster, a desire to read the dialogue in Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda actually drove Paul to learn to read and he’s been gaming ever since. Paul enjoys playing most genres, but particularly enjoys action, adventure, and RPGs. He’s unable to resist clever wordplay, but has mixed feelings on Vogon poetry. You can follow Paul on Twitter as @yvr_paul.

Nicholas Plouffe – Content Editor – Nick is an avid tabletop and video gamer from the great white north. While he’s currently in another field to pay off student loans, this debt was accrued to obtain a diploma in game design. He’s spent over a year working for a AAA studio in Vancouver and knows what it takes to bring a game from the pre-production stage all the way to gold master, putting away small mountains of coffee and a lot of late nights in the process. He enjoys most genres, but has a soft spot for classic RPGs like Fallout or Baldur’s Gate.

Doug Mercer – Staff Contributor – A writer, reviewer, film buff, gamer and comic lover Doug balances the things that got him beat up in school with also loving hockey, football and MMA. He will play anything, but leans more towards RPG’s or third person adventure games (is this even the proper term for Uncharted and GoW and such?) as well as daring anyone to take him on in movie trivia.

Lydia Tang – Content Editor – Lydia has been playing video games for most of her life, with her first being either the amazing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets game on PC or 3D Pinball: Space Cadet. She grew up with Nintendo, dabbled in the rest, and soon found her way back to PC. When not writing for COG, she is writing fiction, histories, and asinine jokes for her friends. You can follow Lydia on Twitter @lydiajtang.

Judi Azmand – Content Editor – Thanks to all the electronic retail stores and her mother, Judi first started playing video games on local demo computers and systems before she could even articulate “video games”. Currently a full-time student at Simon Fraser University and working part-time, Judi’s time management skills are put to the test but gaming is one that will always be attended to. She’ll tackle any game or subject that’s put her way in hopes that her contributions to COG will make readers learn about and indulge in the world of gaming. Follow her on Twitter @AtoTheZmand.

Erin Soares – News Editor – A recent graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley, Erin works in the criminal justice field. Her free time involves cuddles from her two cats and the consumption of geek culture. From video games to movies and from books to the occasional anime binge, there are never enough hours of the day for it all. While new to the gaming industry in a writing capacity, Erin has been playing video games on various platforms/consoles for over 10 years. She will play anything but spends majority of her time playing RPGs, puzzle and strategy games, and First Person Shooters.

Stephan Adamus – Staff Contributor – Stephan has an English degree from Simon Fraser University, and is the On The Road Team Leader & Coordinator for Science World, a homeschool instructor, and an editor. He’s a 31 year old guy from the greater Vancouver area, who grew up playing lots of Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. Stephan seriously got into playing videogames after Santa brought him a PS1 and a copy of Final Fantasy VII in 1998. He’s an RPG, Adventure, Action, and Platformer kinda game player, who now collects retro Nintendo and PlayStation games with a mighty passion! He also loves the metal, and hopes to bring a retro review perspective to the COGconnected community.

Tyler Treese – Staff Contributor – Tyler is a lifelong fan of video games who loves learning more about the industry. He loves to tell the stories of developers, and wants to help the gaming community become more welcoming than it currently is. When not playing retro classics like Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular, he can be found watching mixed martial arts or eating pizza.

Steven Ritz – Staff Contributor – Steven is rocket scientist by day and a game reviewer by night. Located in sunny Los Angeles, he spends his spare time soaking up what LA has to offer as well as reviewing games for PC and PS4. If you are ever wandering around the western foothills of the Angeles Forest and hear terrible banjo music, that’s probably Steven. As far as games he mostly prefers tactics and strategy games as well as RPGs, but is known to go off on a MOBA binge from time to time.

James Paley – News Editor James is a university graduate who dreams of having a real job of his own one day. When he’s not playing or writing about video games, he writes terrible poetry and watches entirely too much anime. Follow him on Twitter: @OnThePale.

Ahmed Mohamed – Staff Contributor – Ahmed is a games writer from southern Ontario that enjoys a plethora of genres and likes to critique games at a deep level. His favorite games include Halo and Jet Set Radio Future among more recent titles like RAGE and Beyond Two Souls. He plans to study digital media and journalism at university and has been writing about games for 3 years.’

Lucas Raycevick Video Editor – Playing his first video game at four years old and making his first gaming video at twelve, Lucas Raycevick has a lot of experience in gaming media. Reviews, previews, podcasts, montages, commentary and top 5’s, Lucas has done it all. Taking a break after the fall of GamerXperience and in turn, posting on Machinima Respawn, Lucas Raycevick is back as part of the Canadian Online Gamers Network.

Alex Everatt – Staff Contributor – For Christmas 1986, his parents bought Alex and his sister the brand new Nintendo Entertainment System. It was his first real foray into video games, and he’s been gaming ever since! He’s a huge fan of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, from Super Mario, to Metroid, to Zelda. He also has a love for first person shooters, such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom 2, Halo:ODST and Bioshock Infinite – but his favourite FPS will always be Duke Nukem 3D. He is married to an amazing wife and has two awesome sons. Follow Alex on Twitter: @alex_everatt.

Michael Chow – Staff Contributor – Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and is working towards his Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. Though enjoying most forms of media, Michael has gravitated towards video games for as long as he remembers. Most of his gaming is done on the PS4, but he enjoys games on all platforms. You can follow Michael on Twitter at @machow91.

Alexander Thomas – Staff Contributor – Alexander began his virtual journey with a little title called Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, and ever since then he has been bound by obsession in the pursuit of discovering the perfect fantasy RPG. A Nintendo and PlayStation loyalist, the answer to any given situation is a resounding “FALCON PUNCH!” regardless of the question. Outside of his work with COGconnected, Alexander is an aspiring novelist meaning if he cannot find the perfect fantasy story, he will one day write it and give big fat credit to COGconnected for publishing him first. Follow him on Twitter @XanderJThomas.

Anthony Gomez – Staff Contributor – Tony has been playing games since he can remember. His crippling addiction began with the NES and has been gaining steam ever since. He gets scared when he thinks about how much of his life has been spent with a controller in hand. These days you can find him training for Melee tournaments, causally playing some Binding of Isaac, or meditating on a mountaintop somewhere.

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– 50-59:     Average

– 40-49:     Below Average

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– 20-29:     Flawed

– 10-19:      Fundamentally Broken

– 0-9:          A complete waste of time

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