Tony Hawk’s Royalty Check for Pro Skater Surprised Him

The Legendary Skater Now Has Other Projects in the Works

We’re never going to forget Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, a game practically ingrained in the soul of the industry. These days, however, the franchise is absent, to the dismay of the fanbase, but there’s a reason we haven’t seen a new product in years. It’s just one of the tidbits legendary pro skater Tony Hawk dropped in a new interview podcast.

According to Hawk, simply giving his name to the franchise earned him a staggering amount of cash. While he didn’t disclose the total amount of royalty he earned, he did mention one instance that took him off guard. It was following the release of the fourth game that the pro skater attended a meeting with a head over at Activision. At first, he remained clueless about the success of the video game’s sales numbers. It was during that meeting that the executive handed him a check for $4 million.

In the interview, Hawk also talked about how the money from giving his name to the video game franchise allowed him to retire at a good age. Just as well, the royalties allowed him to donate to his foundation. It’s safe to say the games made a lot possible, which doesn’t explain why we haven’t seen one in a while. But according to Hawk, Activision’s license has expired and the company hasn’t attempted to renegotiate a contract. Which means, another big company could come along at any point.

Tony Hawk’s interview was brought to us by The Nine Club, whose footage is available below. It also comes with an interesting story about how Hawk and the team at NeverSoft implemented the 900 skate trick in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater at the last second. I’d say the video’s worth a watch.

SOURCE: GearNuke