Just Cause 4 Announcement Leaked on Steam Ahead of E3

Steam Leaks Just Cause 4 Ahead of E3

It’s that time of year again…I’m sure you know the one. If you’re not exactly sure what I’m talking about, it’s the one where all of the huge announcements are being made before E3. There have been a ton of leaks ahead of E3 this year and today it seems there is another one: Just Cause 4 is on its way!

just cause

Yes, that’s right. Steam leaked this news earlier today, before any official announcement or reveal from either the developer Avalanche Studios or publisher Square Enix. What’s interesting is that this is game number two, the first was a trademarked title Outriders, for Square Enix that has been uncovered before this years E3. According to Gematsu the news comes straight from Steam in the form of the very first image featuring series protagonist Rico Rodriguez overlooking the stormy jungle. You can check it out below.

just cause 4 leak

While the image doesn’t exactly give us any further details, it does confirm the fourth title in the popular series, and shows some high-tech weaponry, just look at Rico’s new grapple. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like we’ll have to wait too long to hear more details, as it’s very likely Square Enix will confirm the game in just a few days at E3. Hopefully a few juicy details accompany this too. And if this leak is indeed accurate, Just Cause 4 will be one of three games currently in development from Avalanche Studios. The other two titles are Bethesda’s Rage 2 and the studio’s very own Generation Zero.

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