Starfield, Bethesda’s Long-Rumored RPG, Has Been Unveiled

It’s a Wholly Original Bethesda Title Set in Space

Following the endless amount of speculation generated by the rumor mills, Bethesda has officially announced Starfield. This is a new IP straight from the devs of Bethesda Softworks, Todd Howard revealed.


Unfortunately, the teaser trailer is the only true evidence that Starfield exists. But at long last, the IP has officially been confirmed—though we’re still left to our own speculation. Prior to E3, the same sources that originally leaked the title of the game also claimed that it would be an RPG. It seems we’ll have to wait a while longer before new information is revealed. Presumably, the game, like all Bethesda games, will be made available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Keep us bookmarked for updates as they come, and for more news coming out of this year’s E3.

SOURCE: Bethesda E3 Press Conference