Outrage: Sony Blurs Xbox Controller in Destiny 2 Trailer

Take That, Microsoft

There’s been a back and forth between Sony and Microsoft ever since Sony announced the PlayStation 4. The first jab came with free game trading and a lower price tag. Since then, Microsoft has been offering console features that are not on PlayStation, and PlayStation has been offering games that will never come to Xbox. Sometimes, it’s subtle; other times, it’s on the nose. But this latest slight from Sony is so small it just seems spiteful and hilarious.

Apparently, Sony has blurred the image of an Xbox controller in their Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion trailer. One Reddit user was attentive enough to notice this little aberration on the screen, so kudos to his vision. If you find the same trailer on Bungie’s channel, at 2:42, you noticed that the Xbox controller is safe and sound, plain to see. As Destructoid mentioned, the console war has devolved in an entertaining cat fight. The silliness of the blur is like telling an enemy that you’re not into the same band despite the fact that you’re wearing their shirt.

We saw a similar situation last year when Sony photoshopped the Xbox controller buttons for the Anthem trailer. At this point, you have to wonder if they dislike Xbox or just the controllers. It’s not like the company has anything to fear, especially since the DualShock 4 recently became the highest-grossing console controller of all time. What are your thoughts on the Destiny 2 blur? Funny? Weird? Ridiculous? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Destructoid