Sky Noon Hitting Steam Early Access This Month

Wild West Sky Grappler Coming To Early Access Real Soon

Sky Noon, the gravity-defying shooter that’s all about the knockouts, is coming to Steam Early Access on June 14. As a commemoration of sorts, Lunar Rooster has released some new gameplay footage showing off a whole mess of ways you can win/ float off into the sunset.

Sky Noon

Players in Sky Noon have no health bars, you see. The only way to take out an opponent is to send them flying into the stratosphere. Gravity’s influence is a tiny bit weaker round these parts. If you aren’t a dab hand with that grappling hook of yours, you’ll probably end up stitched to the skyline in short order.

Rather than a pre-fabricated assemblage of dramatic shots and pumping music, the trailer below focuses on a group of streamers blowing each other away. You get a much better idea of what gameplay is actually like, albeit laced with some celebratory face-cam moments. And who wouldn’t want to celebrate after sending some hapless fool rocketing into the atmosphere? There are also jetpacks, jump pads and teleporters for all your various locomotive needs. Personally, I’m a big fan of jetpacks. What better way to gain and maintain the high ground?

SOURCE: Press Release