Remedy’s ‘Control’ Looks Trippy, Weird & Intriguing

This Game Can’t Come Out Soon Enough!

Control, a third-person shooter about exploring the world’s most confusing building, looked like the one of the most interesting games shown at E3 this year and some new gameplay was shown recently. Take a gander at the video below!

This intriguing Inception look-a-like comes from Remedy Entertainment, a developer that’s no stranger to having gameplay twists for their third-person shooters (e.g. Alan Wake and Quantum Break).

In Control, you’ll play as Jesse Faden, a young woman with a “dark, mysterious past” who becomes the new Director of the Bureau of Control. The bureau is apparently in charge of researching & fighting the supernatural such as the Hiss and players will explore the bureau’s headquarters, The Oldest House.


There’ll be an upgrade system that can be used to gain new abilities and you’ll be able to improve Jesse’s neat pulsing gun (which is called a “Service Weapon” in-game). According to the posted video, one of those abilities appears to be telekinesis power that can be used to throw objects at enemies.

Control will also have sidequests for players to tackle and an official press release described the game as “sandbox-style” as opposed to open-world.

Control is set to come out in 2019 for the PC, PS4 & Xbox One.