Rage 2 Is Strictly Single-Player and Will Hit 60fps on Consoles

Naturally, Rage 2 Will Also Look Great on PC

In order to build the ultimate open-world shooter, Bethesda called in the expertise of Avalanche Studios. With the help of id Software, they’ve built Rage 2. But in developing the game, Avalanche has stuck to their guns and made it solely a single-player open world. This is very different from the first installment, which offered co-op, but many facets have changed with the sequel.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Game Director Magnus Nedfors said, “We’re just focused on the best open world single player game that we can make. I personally really believe you can make single player games really fantastic, so that’s what we’re focused on.” The focus on single-player has given Avalanche and id the leeway to build a 60 fps gunplay. These boosted visuals are coming to the PC, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X. Unsurprisingly, the increased framerate will not be reaching base consoles, which tells us the limits of the Apex engine.

However, the Rage 2 gameplay demo from BE3 showcased some of the fastest gunplay ever witnessed in a first-person shooter. Not only was it fast, but it played seamlessly and proved that the world is visually stunning even while blowing things up from a speeding car. What’s surprising about Avalanche is that they’ve managed to optimize Rage 2 gameplay even while splitting their attention between projects. The studio is currently hard at work to bring us Just Cause 4 and the recently announced Generation Zero, both of which were shown at this year’s E3.

SOURCE: Eurogamer