Tetsuya Nomura Dishes Details on Kingdom Hearts 3, DLC

Tetsuya Talks About DLC and Delays in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 has had a notably large presence at E3 this year, showing a variation of the same trailer at multiple major conferences as well as unveiling a collector’s edition on Square Enix’s website. Now game director Tetsuya Nomura has pulled back the curtain on what to expect regarding customization and DLC when the game drops this January.

Speaking with IGN, Nomura commented on adding extra content to the game after it’s release, saying “In this day and age, most major titles do have some kind of content releases after their release. So since I considered Kingdom Hearts 3 to be one of those major titles, I do want to have something to add to your enjoyment of Kingdom Hearts 3, so maybe you could continue to play a little longer than release, but we haven’t really thought of anything in detail yet.”

The renowned director went on to suggest that one way the title could receive post-launch content would be in the form of character customization, similar to the Final Chapter Prologue episode, A Fragmentary Passage, wherein players could customize Aqua.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Feature

Nomura also spoke of the recent delay to January 2019, as the game had been slated for a 2018 release as recently as last month. “The timing of release that we were actually looking at, we were told by many people, including hardware manufacturers, marketing teams, sales teams that it just wasn’t a good timing in the year…For Kingdom Hearts 3, the [Square Enix] western offices had requested to release the game as simultaneously as much as possible between Japan and America, so we were no longer able to just think about Japanese issues and retail situations.”

And finally, the director spoke to why we haven’t seen any solid footage of the Big Hero 6 world announced for the game back in 2015, claiming that all of the gameplay segments in that world have been completed, but the cutscenes are still in development.

Kingdom Hearts 3 drops this coming January 29th, 2019 for Xbox One and PS4.

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