Nintendo and Disney Are Collaborating on a Nintendo Switch Game Show

The “Nintendo Switch Family Showdown” Will Air This Summer

Disney and Nintendo are teaming up to bring you “Nintendo Switch Family Showdown,” a brand-new game show dedicated to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch Family Showdown

As is evident in the name, the show will be a competition between four families testing their worth in a variety of games for the Nintendo Switch. Some of the confirmed games so far include Mario Tennis Aces, Just Dance 2018, and Super Mario Odyssey.

According to the Business Insider, some of the competitive activities involve “searching for collectables in ‘Super Mario Odyssey,’ competing in head-to-head matchups in ‘Mario Tennis Aces’ and participating in dance-offs in ‘Just Dance 2018.’”

Nintendo Switch Family Showdown is set to air this Summer on the Disney Channel as well as Disney XD. It can also be streamed on the DisneyNOW app.

Having the Nintendo Switch console, let alone any video game console, be the focal point of a game show has never been done before. Nintendo collaborating with Disney shows the big N’s desire to take their latest console beyond its gaming roots. Similar to Nintendo Labo, it’s another example of the company striving to attract different audiences who otherwise may not be interested in video games.

Furthermore, Disney has been quietly pushing eSports on its network lately. Disney XD aired the EVO 2017 Super Smash Bros. tournament just last year. If the stars align, this might be the beginning of a special relationship between the two entertainment giants.

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