New Asus ROG Gaming Phone Is Probably Stronger Than Your Switch

There’s No Denying That the Phone Looks Sexy

With the ever-rising popularity of mobile games, it seems only natural companies would make dedicated gaming phones. Enter Asus, here to deliver some new tech that competes with the likes of Razer phone. Republic of Gaming (ROG) has brought a new piece of hardware with specs that no mobile device should have.

The New Asus ROG phone comes with the Snapdragon 845 processor that you see in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the One Plus 6. However, this fancy mobile device will be clocked even higher than competitors. But the device gets a little more interesting, thanks to its facilitated modes of play. You can play it as a normal phone, in tablet mode, and—believe it or not—it even comes with a docked mode, which rounds this out to a neat gaming device when you include the dual-screen mode. The dual-screen mode can be accessed through the proper accessories, like the Twinview Dock. And for those long gaming sessions, an “aeroactive cooler” is available.”

One might think Asus is trying to compete with the Nintendo Switch. But, the problem with all things that are not Nintendo is that they’re not Nintendo. ROG’s new phone lacks the pull of first-party exclusives available on Nintendo Switch—and every other gaming console for that matter. Furthermore, such a fancy phone looks liable to break the bank, although a price point hasn’t been revealed yet. That said, so far as gaming phones are concerned, this new product seems unparalleled in its department. The screen offers a 90hz refresh rate with a response time of 1ms. If you’re looking to play Fortnite on the go with that kind of quality, look no further.

Obviously, the phone packs impressive power in such a small package. It is, however, unlikely, to parallel the benefits of console hardware. Thus, in lieu of serving as an alternative, the Asus ROG can supplement your gaming experience. But would the cost be justified? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

SOURCE: KnowTechie