Konami Will Be Announcing Two Switch Games at This Year’s E3

What Will Publisher Unveil From Their Library?

Ever since Hideo Kojima parted Konami under duress, the Japanese company has faced the brunt of gamer bitterness. People don’t seem to like the company, its methods, or Metal Gear: Survive, but that may change with upcoming announcements during this E3.

Konami Japanese Recruitment Ads

According to Konami’s official E3 page, the publisher has two mysterious titles coming for the Nintendo Switch. One is supposed to be an ‘action-adventure’ title and the other will be a ‘compilation.’ We can’t forget that Konami was one of the first third-parties to launch a game on the hybrid console, delivering Super Bomberman R close to launch. So, what’s next? Will we receive some kind of Bomberman anthology? Perhaps we’ll witness a collection of Metal Gear classics, but it’s hard to say at this point in time.

Speculating away, we’re left to wonder if the action-adventure title will be a re-release or a new IP. If it’s the latter, will it be an all-new Metal Gear game? Honestly, without Kojima, a new Metal Gear seems highly implausible. But you never know. There’s a greater chance will see HD remakes since Konami’s franchises have done well on handhelds in the past.

What do you think Konami’s two Nintendo Switch titles will be? Feel free to speculate in the comments down below.

SOURCE: NintendoLife