Deathgarden Heading to Early Access This August

The Next Closed Beta Starts Today

If you’ve ever played an asymmetrical multiplayer game, you know that they can potentially be a ton of fun. Or they can be somewhat exhausting! Behaviour Digital’s Deathgarden looks like it’s situated squarely in the ‘fun’ category. If you’re looking to prove me right/wrong, the game’s next closed beta starts today.


For the more patient among you, Deathgarden is heading to Early Access this August. Which seems far away, but it’s hardly even a couple months before you too could be hunted by several of your friends for sport. Or maybe you’ll be the one hunting them! Whatever suits your sensibilities.

The game follows the predator/prey model for asymmetrical multiplayer games. One of you is the high-powered Hunter, while the other five players are the Runners. It’s a simple premise that allows for a great deal of panicked screaming and maniacal cackling. This incarnation of the closed beta will feature some new weather systems, new weapons, new powers and new perks. Presumably, this will be the final closed beta before the Steam Early Access launch, so if you want an early look at Deathgarden, now’s the time to sign up. The closed beta will run from now until June 26th at 9 am ET. You can sign up for said beta here. Also, check out the trailer below for a glimpse at the frantic/sinister gameplay in store for you!

SOURCE: Press Release