Dead Or Alive 6 Announced, Due Early 2019

Dead or Alive Chooses Life in 4K

Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei have announced the first numbered title in the Dead or Alive series in almost 7 years, with a launch window set for sometime in early 2019.

The debut trailer confirms the return of Kasumi, Helena, Jann Lee, Zack, Hayate, and everyone’s favorite Ryu Hayabusa. Director/Producer Yohei Shimbori says that the final roster will include other characters from past games, on top of introducing some fresh blood to the fight. In a progressive move, the developer has decided to remove the series’ unrealistic breast physics and give female characters less revealing outfits, in an effort to reduce the sexualization of violence towards the women of the series.

Dead or Alive 6
Just look at that “historically inaccurate” outfit covering her entire torso before she stabs someone a hundred times in a row to not death.

The new engine the game is built on allows for “dynamic facial expressions,” allowing characters to react appropriately as they exert energy attacking or taking hits, as well as glistening with sweat after laying down a brutal combo. Characters will also sustain visible wounds and shed blood as they take damage, as you can see a glimpse of at the end of the trailer.

Dead or Alive 6

New mechanics will include something called Fatal Rush and Break Gauge, which are referred to as “powerful attacks that use simplified commands,” and are a means to help new players get solid footing in the vicious world of Dead or Alive. More details are said to be coming on June 11th, likely during either the PC Gaming or Sony conference. Dead or Alive 6 will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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