Colossal Spyro Crystal Dragon Pre-Orders Are Open

What, Do You Need To Pay Rent Or Something?

First 4 Figures have announced the absolute latest in wallet-shredding technology. This enormous Crystal Dragon is the ultimate in Spyro The Dragon merchandise for those who routinely choose wondrous beauty over mundane nonsense like food, shelter and clothing. For a scant $474.99, you too can have one of these imposing crystal statues on your shelf, coffee table or Spyro shrine.

Crystal Dragon Spyro

Or, if you need one for each side of your room, for symmetry, you can order a double pack for only $899.99. Of course, none of these prices include shipping, which is presumably a rather hefty fee for something so majestic and imposing. There’s even three different versions you can order if you want a little variety with your extravagant indulgences.

The Standard version is your basic enormous dragon statue. The Crystallized version comes with LED lighting and a second, smaller golden dragon affixed to the statue’s base. The Exclusive version is just the Crystallized version with a better paint job. Paint, you say? You mean to tell me that this colossal exercise in crystal luxury achieves its unique appearance through paint? And that we’re still being charged almost $500 USD regardless? Well, if this seems like your cup of extravagant tea, you can pre-order any of these statues here. Check out the video for more longing looks at this massive act of indulgence and nostalgic art.