Three New Characters Revealed For Team Sonic Racing

Six If You Count All The Individual Chao

As we get closer to Team Sonic Racing‘s release date, more and more information will be revealed. In this case, we now know three(?) more characters who will be gearing up to gun for that finish line. Amy Rose, Big The Cat and a squad of Chao are the latest additions to the Sonic racing crew.

Team Sonic Racing New Characters


All of this was uncovered during Sonic’s birthday celebrations this weekend at Tokyo Joypolis. The whole event was streamed online, showcasing the latest developments for the 27-year-old hedgehog and his pals. Other highlights included footage from Sonic Mania Plus and the capering antics of whichever poor bastard they stuffed in that mascot outfit.

I had a chance to check out Team Sonic Racing at this year’s E3. It was a dang decent Sonic game, though maybe it could have been a tiny bit faster? In any case, there’s still some mysteries remaining regarding the final six slots in TSR’s racer roster. Although really, who else do we even need now that we have Big The Cat? Hopefully he controls more gracefully than he did in Sonic Adventure back in the day. Also, how do the four Chao split up driving duty? Do they each control a single wheel? Man, I really hope that’s it.